Moro should be the target of criminal action for “chaotic management” of money from Lava Jato allegations

Moro should be the target of criminal action for “chaotic management” of money from Lava Jato allegations
Moro should be the target of criminal action for “chaotic management” of money from Lava Jato allegations

Betting all his chips on a victory at the Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR), which began this Monday (1) the trial of cases that ask for the revocation of his mandate, senator Sergio Moro (União-PR) has a new venture with Justice in the near future.

TRE-PR rapporteur behaves like a defense lawyer and votes against Moro’s impeachment

Responsible for correction at the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba and the 8th Panel of the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4), the national inspector of Justice, Luís Felipe Salomão, must determine the opening of a criminal action against the former judge for the “chaotic management” of the money raised through plea bargains in Lava Jato.

Moro has already been summoned by the National Council of Justice, the CNJ, regarding the disciplinary representation against him for the chaos installed in the 13th Court, revealed by the body’s correction.

However, according to Bela Megale, in the newspaper O Globo, Salomão should request the opening of a criminal case, which could also result in the current senator’s ineligibility – if he saves his mandate in the Electoral Court.

The criminal action is the result of the CNJ’s cooperation with the Federal Police, which investigates alleged crimes committed in the management of resources by the Judicial Court commanded by Moro during Lava Jato.

According to investigators, the investigation will bring “consistent evidence” of crimes that need to be investigated.

Electoral justice

In the trial that began this Monday at TRE-PR, in which he is accused by the PL and the federation led by the PT for abuse of economic power in the 2022 pre-election campaign, Moro obtained a small victory.

The case’s rapporteur, judge Luciano Carrasco Falavinha Souza, voted against the revocation of the former judge’s mandate.

However, what really caught our attention was the behavior of the judge, who during his long vote, lasting more than 2 hours and 15 minutes, spoke and argued as if he were a defense lawyer for the defendant, something very unusual for situations like this. .

During his vote at the beginning of the session that examines the two Electoral Judicial Investigation Actions (AIJEs), Carrasco said things like “even the stones know that Senator Sergio Moro did not need to do a pre-campaign to make his name known nationally”, citing how For example, the fact that Moro “performed the coercive conduct of the then ex-president Lula” and “for having even won a doll at the Olinda carnival”, such is his “fame”.

Falavinha also attacked the PT, saying that the party is trying to remove Moro from politics by pointing out the maneuver of Moro and his wife, Rosangela, in running candidates for São Paulo – after a court decision, the former judge was nominated as a candidate for Paraná.

“The investigator [PT] sought, and succeeded, in preventing the candidate from being investigated in another state of the federation. Then, he states that there is excess spending in Paraná, because it would have exceeded the limit provided by law here. It is contradictory behavior that, it seems, seeks to prevent the person being investigated [Moro] to participate in political life”, said the rapporteur.

Even if Sergio Moro emerges victorious, the plenary session of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) may impeach him, as the highest instance of the Electoral Court. This was what happened to the former public prosecutor and former federal deputy Deltan Dallagnol.

Moro’s partner in the illegal Lava Jato adventures, Dallagnol won 6-0 at TRE-PR, but ended up being without his mandate when he was judged by the TSE. He was accused of having irregularly resigned from his position at the Federal Public Ministry while he was the target of several processes and administrative procedures to circumvent the law and become a candidate.

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