Worker is run over by driver without driver’s license and suffers broken legs on construction site on BR-163 | Mato Grosso do Sul

Worker is run over by driver without driver’s license and suffers broken legs on construction site on BR-163 | Mato Grosso do Sul
Worker is run over by driver without driver’s license and suffers broken legs on construction site on BR-163 | Mato Grosso do Sul

1 of 2 Case was registered at Depac in Dourados. — Photo: Reproduction/GoogleMaps
Case was registered at Depac in Dourados. — Photo: Reproduction/GoogleMaps

A 32-year-old worker was run over and his legs were broken on BR-163, on a construction site near Dourados, on Monday night (1). According to the incident report, the CCR MSVia outsourced worker was removing cones from the track when he was surprised by the car.

According to the driver, he had tried to avoid a car that was in front of him, at which point he crossed the road and hit the worker responsible for signaling. With the impact of the crash, the victim fractured both legs and was taken to Hospital da Vida in serious condition.

After the collision, the police were called and discovered that the driver did not have a National Driving License (CNH).

The driver of the vehicle was taken to the Dourados Community Emergency Care Police Station (Depac). The case will be investigated.

2 of 2 BR-163. — Photo: Dnit
BR-163. — Photo: Dnit

Are you going to travel along BR-163? Pay attention to the sections that are partially closed this Tuesday (2). The closures occur due to runway improvement works.

CCR MSVia continues this Tuesday with stop-and-go operations on sections of BR-163/MS. The action consists of blocking traffic in one of the lanes while it flows in the other, alternately, in the North and South directions, due to the carrying out of works and services to improve the lane. In addition to places with traffic diversion. All sections are signposted.

The Concessionaire reminds users to remain alert and pay extra attention when approaching such sections under construction, respecting the signage and paying attention to the presence of workers in the vicinity of the track. In case of rain, works will be suspended.

See the locations under construction below:

Points with traffic diversion

  • Campo Grande – at km 492, between kms 456 and 455 and at km 439;
  • Nova Alvorada do Sul – at km 390 and km 386;
  • Rio Brilhante – between kms 313 and 312;
  • Dourados – between kms 266 and 265, between kms 256 and 255 and between kms 253 and 252;
  • Sonora – between kms 839 and 838;
  • Rio Verde de Mato Grosso – between kms 660 and 659;
  • São Gabriel do Oeste – between kms 612 and 611;
  • Nova Alvorada do Sul – between kms 401 and 398, between kms 395 and 393, between kms 392 and 389, between kms 387 and 385 and between kms 360 and 355;
  • Rio Brilhante – between kms 342 and 341;
  • Douradina – between kms 300 and 298 and between kms 295 and 291;
  • Dourados – between kms 250 and 247 and between kms 246 and 242;
  • Caarapó – between kms 237 and 233, between kms 232 and 228, between kms 224 and 223, between kms 222 and 221 and between kms 205 and 204;
  • Juti – at km 186, between kms 168 and 163 and between kms 161 and 156;
  • Eldorado – between kms 34 and 33.

Care during the trip:

  • Pay attention and respect traffic signs;
  • Be careful on rainy days, reduce your speed, turn on your headlights, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and if you have no visibility of the road, look for a safe place off the road;
  • Pay full attention to the road, do not use your cell phone or make movements that take your focus away from the road;
  • Do not overtake prohibited.

What to do in emergency situations?

Detran recommends that drivers always have a help number on hand in case of emergency situations. The transit agency also recommends that drivers write down the telephone number of the concessionaires they pass through.

See useful numbers in case of emergency:

190 – Military Police: receives information about accidents, theft, theft, among others.

191 – Federal Highway Police: monitors highways and federal roads, it is possible to alert about occurrences, accidents, crimes, for example.

192 – Samu: Brazilian medical service for emergency cases.

193 – Fire Department: They respond to fires, general and animal accidents, gas and chemical leaks, flooding and fires.

198 – State Highway Police: requests for help and complaints.

199 – Civil Defense: assists, assists and helps the population recover in the event of disasters, whether rain or other risk situations.

180 – Women’s service center: created to provide more information about women’s rights and psychological support to women in situations of violence, in addition to receiving specific reports about false imprisonment and trafficking in women.

100 – Human Rights: for reports of violence, sexual abuse, physical and/or psychological attacks committed against children and adolescents, reports of homeless people, the LGBT population, people with disabilities and the elderly.

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