Champion in SC in new vacancies in construction in 2023, city ahead in 2024

Champion in SC in new vacancies in construction in 2023, city ahead in 2024
Champion in SC in new vacancies in construction in 2023, city ahead in 2024

The only city in Santa Catarina to create more than a thousand jobs in construction in 2023, Itapema remains the leader in the State in creating jobs in the sector. This year, until February, the city on the North Coast opened 727 new construction jobs. Palhoça came in second place, with 519 vacancies (check out the list of the year’s top five below).

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The numbers are the positive balance between hiring and firing, according to Caged. In the first two months of 2024, Santa Catarina created 6 thousand jobs in construction, surpassing the result from the same period last year (5.3 thousand new jobs). In Brazil, 157 thousand new vacancies were created between January and February.

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At least since 2020, the year the new Caged methodology began, Itapema has remained in the group of five cities with the highest creation of jobs in construction in Santa Catarina. Last year, the coastal city came first in the state, with 1,040 new vacancies. In total since 2020, there are 4.3 thousand.

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The population of Itapema increased from 46 thousand to 76 thousand between the 2010 and 2022 censuses. In the same period, the number of households increased by 63%, reaching 52 thousand houses and apartments. The city stood out on the national scene in property appreciation.

Construction Jobs in 2024

Who are the leaders in creating vacancies in SC (Jan/Feb)

1st) Itapema 727

2nd) Palhoça 519

3rd) B. Camboriú 467

4th) Itajaí 375

5th) Chapecó 370

Construction jobs in 2023 (Jan/Dec)

1st) Itapema 1,040

2nd) Navigators 888

3rd) Itajaí 696

4th) Joinville 529

5th) Florianópolis 452


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