Toyota SW4 rival is spotted in Brazil


Since the launch of the new Ford Ranger, it has been rumored that the Everest SUV would follow, produced in the same Argentine plant. The BF///MS page received a snapshot of the model with green license plates in Salvador (BA).


An Argentine newspaper had found that production of the utility vehicle would begin in 2023, shortly after the launch of the truck. However, since then, a lot of turmoil has occurred in the country’s politics and this could be the reason for the delay.

Even after closing activities at the Camaçari factory, Ford maintained its Brazilian Development and Technology Center in Bahia. Therefore, the region is one of the places where it is possible to find the brand’s cars being tested.

The Ford Everest is the SUV derived from the Ranger chassis, which will come to upset the Toyota SW4, the Chevrolet Trailblazer and the Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar. As it has the same powertrain and interior as the pickup, we can already have an idea of ​​the model’s level of technology.

The size was slightly larger than that of the Toyota SW4

The unit spotted is the top-of-the-line Platinum model, which uses 21-inch wheels. This means that it features items such as 360° cameras, an ADAS package and a 250 hp V6 turbodiesel engine.

Ford Everest shares a lot with the Ranger

Mechanically, the differences between the Ford Everest and Ranger are the shorter chassis and rear suspension. The rigid axle with leaf springs leaves and a more sophisticated rigid axle comes in, with a Watt parallelogram for transverse body control and coil springs.

The engine options are similar to those offered in the pickup, with the 2.0 diesel in turbo and twin-turbo versions, the 3.0 V6 and a gasoline option with the 2.3 EcoBoost. For Brazil, only the V6 diesel with the 10-speed automatic transmission should come.

The dashboard is similar to that of the new Ranger, featuring the screens as a highlight

The Everest’s capabilities are also similar, thanks to the same 4×4 drive with a transfer case that has an automatic mode. The submersion capacity of 80 cm is the same as its sister, as is the towing capacity of 3.5 tons.

When the new generation of Ranger was launched in Australia, one of its highlights was that the architecture allowed greater flexibility than before. This makes it easier to produce the pickup and SUV on the same assembly line. In other words, Everest can be made in the Argentine plant more easily.


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