In Abril Verde, State Department of Health reinforces Worker Health and Safety


With the aim of promoting the health and safety of workers, the State Department of Health of Tocantins (SES-TO) begins, this Monday, the 1st, raising awareness of Occupational Health and Safety, with the Abril Verde campaign. The objective of the action is to highlight the importance of offering a healthy and safe working environment, in which the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases is a priority.

The month of April was chosen due to the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Accidents and Illnesses at Work and the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, celebrated on the 28th.

“It is essential that companies offer safe work environments and processes to workers. Most workplace accidents are preventable with simple measures. The adoption of a risk management program and health promotion actions within the work environment contributes decisively to prevention. The company also benefits from keeping its workers active, with fewer chances of absence due to previously foreseen causes. Work is not enough to be dignified, it has to be safe and healthy”, stated the SES-TO Occupational Health Manager, Evesson Farias de Oliveira.

The psychologist from the Management of the Psychosocial Care Network (Graps) at SES-TO, Karla Joane Silva, spoke about a mentally healthy work environment, and how beneficial it is for the company and workers. “When talking about mental health, it is important to emphasize that leaders need to be supportive of their teams, and promote mental health policies in the workplace, to ensure the safety of workers. Companies must increasingly pay attention to having a lighter, healthier and more human organizational climate, focused on quality of life and preventive actions. A collaborative, respectful and open to dialogue culture is essential, this helps to reduce various problems, such as absences and delays. Taking care of well-being increases employee productivity, which is also positive for the company.”

Assistance to SES-TO workers

The Health Care and Worker Safety Center (Nasst) of the State Department of Health of Tocantins provides care and assistance to employees; promotes the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and the harmony of work activities with the preservation of life. There are 20 centers distributed in health establishments throughout the State of Tocantins, in hospitals, blood centers, laboratories and outbuildings.

The SES-TO Labor Regulation manager, Tayse de Paula dos Reis Santos, spoke about the care provided to workers. “The Health Care and Worker Safety Center service is a fundamental guide within healthcare establishments. Not only because they are requirements of the State Health Worker Policy, but because they collaborate in promoting quality of life, preventing accidents, illnesses and monitoring occupational health. The teams’ objective is to protect the physical and mental integrity of workers, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.”


According to the Mortality System (SIM), in 2023, there were 91 deaths caused by work accidents. In 2024, 19 deaths were recorded.

According to the Notifiable Diseases Information System (Sinan), 716 work accidents with exposure to biological material were reported in 2023, in 2024 there are 158 registered cases.

In 2023, a total of 3,941 Work Accident Reports (CAT) were reported and 860 records in 2024.

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