Lyra congratulates action in favor of the Dairy Industry in AL


Paulo Dantas signed, this Monday, the 1st, two normative acts for the dairy industry in Alagoas. The ceremony took place at Palácio Floriano Peixoto, in Maceió, and was attended by the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Alagoas (Fiea), José Carlos Lyra de Andrade, leaders from the dairy sector and producers.

At the same ceremony, the norm was also signed that stimulates local industries, encourages the adoption of new companies and also allows existing companies to gain incentives from the State.

According to Fiea, the normative instructions are measures aimed at developing the milk production chain, whose market has been facing the invasion of products from Argentina and Uruguay.

Due to their economic crises, these countries lowered the prices of their production, which led national businesses to purchase milk and cheese from them, reducing the purchase of local products. The price of a liter of milk, which six months ago cost R$3.18 in Alagoas, dropped to R$2.18, causing losses to producers.

For Lyra, the measures benefit the dairy industry in the State.

“Governor Paulo Dantas acted quickly, adopting measures in favor of the dairy industry quickly”, stated José Carlos Lyra, who added:

“We are the third Brazilian state to adopt these measures”, stated the president of the Federation of Industries, highlighting the milk production chain as a generator of employment and income. “It is an industry that is in all municipalities, generating jobs and quality of life”, added José Carlos Lyra de Andrade, reaffirming the Industry’s satisfaction with the measures adopted.

Sertão Channel

On that occasion, Lyra asked Paulo Dantas that his government continue with the works on the Canal do Sertão. “It is essential that we have water to guarantee the establishment of new industries in that region”, said the president of Fiea. In response to the business leader’s appeal, the governor announced the completion of Section 4 and the start of work on Section 5, probably in the second half of this year.

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