Present Security arrests accused of kidnapping in SG

Present Security arrests accused of kidnapping in SG
Present Security arrests accused of kidnapping in SG
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Arrested in Trindade, ‘Edgar da Balança’ would be one of Antônio Ilário Ferreira’s ‘trusted’ men, ‘Rabicó’, identified by the police as the main leader of drug trafficking in Salgueiro

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'Edgar da Balança' was arrested in the Trindade region

‘Edgar da Balança’ was arrested in the Trindade region – Photo: Disclosure/Disque Denúncia/RJ

Police officers from the Segurança Presente system arrested, this Monday (1), a man with an outstanding arrest warrant for the crimes of Kidnapping, Private Prison, and Association with Drug Trafficking, on Rua Domingos Damasceno Duarte and Rua Alfredo Backer, in Trindade , Sao Goncalo. The prisoner is Edgard Pereira da Silva, the Edgar da Balança, appointed by the police as one of Antônio Ilário Ferreira’s trusted men, the Rabicó, main leader of drug sales in Complexo do Salgueiro, in São Gonçalo.

The prison – During patrolling, São Gonçalo Presente Agents observed a motorcycle with two men in a suspicious attitude. After the approach, nothing irregular was found, but when they checked Edgard’s identity, who was on the back of the motorcycle, they discovered an open arrest warrant.

According to the police and information from Hotline/RJ, Edgar da Balança is identified as one of the leaders of drug trafficking in the Balança region, one of the eight communities that make up Complexo do Salgueiro. He was convicted in 2019 of Kidnapping and False Imprisonment, as well as Drug Trafficking Association, for keeping a victim captive with the intention of submitting her to the “Tribunal of Crime”. According to police information, the crimes of kidnapping and false imprisonment were committed in Salgueiro.

Edgar was taken to the 73rd DP (Neves), where the outstanding arrest warrant was served.

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