Public Ministry defends Sergio Moro’s impeachment


The Public Electoral Ministry (MPE) defended this Monday (1st) the impeachment of senator Sergio Moro (União-PR).

The statement was read by prosecutor Marcelo Godoy during the session in which the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) of Paraná judges two cases in which the PT and PL accuse Moro of abuse of economic power for allegedly carrying out irregular expenses in the pre- campaign in 2022.

In 2021, Moro was at Podemos and carried out pre-candidacy acts for the Presidency of the Republic. According to the accusation, there was an “illicit disadvantage” in favor of the other candidates for the position of senator due to the “high financial investments” made before Moro left the party and decided to run for the Senate for the Union.

According to the accusation, approximately R$2 million was spent from the Party Fund on Moro’s membership event for Podemos, with the hiring of video production for personal promotion and electoral consultancy.

During the argument, the prosecutor reiterated his opinion in favor of the revocation, published in December last year, and mentioned that there was a “personal benefit” for Moro in part of the expenses incurred.

“The prosecutor’s office expresses the partial validity of the requests to recognize the practice of abuse of economic power, with the consequent revocation of the elected ticket and the decree of the ineligibility of the holder [ Moro] and the first substitute [Luiz Felipe Cunha]”, he stated.

The trial continues for the vote of the rapporteur, judge Luciano Carrasco Falavinha Souza. Six more magistrates will be able to vote.

If the trial is not concluded today, the TRE has reserved two more sessions for the 3rd and 8th of April to complete the trial.

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