Mato Grosso faces a wave of violence against women during the Easter holiday, defying calls from leaders for tougher measures

Mato Grosso faces a wave of violence against women during the Easter holiday, defying calls from leaders for tougher measures
Mato Grosso faces a wave of violence against women during the Easter holiday, defying calls from leaders for tougher measures

At least four cases of violence against women were recorded in Mato Grosso in less than 24 hours between Saturday (30) and Sunday (31), during the Easter holiday. What should have been a period of peace and family celebration became a succession of tragedies, highlighting an alarming reality of physical and psychological attacks faced by women in the region.

On Saturday (15), in Cuiabá, neighbors called the police after a woman asked for help. The conflict between the victim and his partner, which resulted in physical attacks and damage to the victim’s cell phone, highlighted a relationship marked by tension. Even with a history of strain in the relationship, the woman faced threats from the aggressor, highlighting the complexity and fear that many women face when trying to escape abusive situations.

In the early hours of Sunday (31), a shocking case occurred in Cuiabá, when a man was detained after attacking his partner, being stopped by passers-by who witnessed the attacks. The episode highlights not only the violence suffered by the victim, but also the crucial role of the community in intervening and protecting women in dangerous situations.

In Água Boa, a woman was attacked by her ex-partner after an argument caused by a message on her cell phone. The attack, once again, illustrates how control and possession over women is often justified as a reason for violence.

In Confresa, a young woman requested protective measures after being attacked in a hotel. The case highlights how public environments are not immune to violence against women, highlighting the need for safety and prevention measures in social spaces.

These incidents occur in a worrying context in Mato Grosso, where femicide numbers have consistently increased and already ranks first in femicide rates in the country. In 2023, the state recorded an average of four female deaths per month, an 11% increase compared to the previous year. Underreporting and the lack of effective measures to protect victims contribute to this alarming reality.

Influential women in the state have spoken out demanding changes to legislation, including life imprisonment for feminicides. Senator Margareth Buzetti expressed her indignation at yet another brutal case, stating: “It is urgent to change the Brazilian penal code! I hope that the deputies will be sensitive and approve my Bill for the anti-feminicide package, which is already in the Chamber.”

The first lady of MT, Virginia Mendes, also spoke, highlighting the urgency of the changes: “This change, Senator, is urgent, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for efforts so that we can put life imprisonment on the agenda. We cannot accept this cruelty that has been happening.”

Representative Janaina Riva reinforced the call for decisive action by the legislature: “Marga, be the pioneer in requesting a new constituent on the topic! We are with you and happy to see you are with us! Let’s put the senator and congress in the eye of the storm to change legislation. We need you more than ever! Thank you for your advances and let’s look for more!”

Violence against women is a systemic problem that requires a coordinated response from society, institutions and public authorities. In addition to legal measures, it is essential to strengthen support and reception services for victims, as well as promoting a culture of respect and gender equality in all spheres of society.

Given this scenario, it is essential that reports of violence are made and that victims receive the necessary support to break the cycle of abuse. Services such as 180 and specialized police stations are available to offer assistance and protection to women in situations of violence.

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