Fugitive from justice, former deputy is arrested in Baixada Fluminense


The Federal Police arrested, this Monday (1st), former federal deputy Almerinda Filgueiras de Carvalho, who was on the run from justice. According to the PF, the arrest is the result of investigations that date back to 2006, to Operation Sanguessuga, also known as the Ambulance Mafia, launched to dismantle a criminal group formed by parliamentarians and businessmen who rigged bids for the acquisition of ambulances in city halls, at least 20 states.

Carvalho, 72 years old, was convicted of the crimes of passive corruption and money laundering, with a sentence of nine years in prison. The former deputy currently holds the position of municipal secretary of Social Assistance, Human Rights and Racial Equality in the city hall of São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense. The arrest took place in the secretariat itself, according to the PF.

After the formal arrest, she was taken to the Federal Police Station in Nova Iguaçu for the usual procedures. From there, Carvalho will be sent to the Legal Medical Institute for a forensic examination, and later to the state prison system, where she will remain at the disposal of the Justice Department, as reported by the PF.

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