Senar Sergipe opens registrations for rural producers to receive Technical and Management Assistance

Senar Sergipe opens registrations for rural producers to receive Technical and Management Assistance

There are more than 1500 new opportunities for rural producers to receive free Technical and Management Assistance from Senar in various chains throughout Sergipe.

Per: Samara Fagundes

Source: Ascom Faese/Senar System

The National Rural Learning Service, Regional Administration of Sergipe – SENAR/SE opened, this Monday (01), the registration process for rural producers who are interested in receiving Technical and Management Assistance (ATeG) from Senar in the following chains productive: Beekeeping, Agroindustry Poultry, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Goat Farming, Shrimp Farming, Fruit Farming, Vegetable Farming, Sheep Farming, Fish Farming, Ornamental Plants, Rice Farming and Pig Farming. There are more than 1500 new properties for producers in the aforementioned chains, throughout Sergipe.

Producers who register and are selected will have two years of monitoring and will receive free monthly assistance lasting 4 hours, in addition to participating in training carried out by Senar. “The objective is to train entrepreneurship and business management, increase income and productivity, seeking efficiency and effectiveness, increase profitability, establish the technological, social and economic profile, in addition to developing the strategic planning of the property.”, explains ATeG coordinator, Taynã Matos.

Milk producer Utemberg Freitas from Porto da Folha/SE changed the reality of the property by implementing practices that guaranteed savings and greater production, with a quality product. “After the program arrived, I started to write everything down and correct the errors in my finances. With the adjustments and greater production, I managed to expand my house, change my car and even give my wife a motorcycle as a gift. Senar changed my life”, reinforces the producer.

The results are achieved through monthly technical visits, productive and individualized diagnosis and recommendations for implementing technologies, in addition to a series of training.

The president of the Faese/Senar System, Ivan Sobral, recalls that Senar’s Technical and Management Assistance has been transforming many stories in the field across the country and in Sergipe it is no different. “Producers assisted by ATeG show results that go beyond profitability, but also social transformation.”, reinforces the president.

Interested producers must register by May 2nd, simply fill out the form via the link (, according to the property’s production chain and prerequisites described.

Beef Cattle | 20 adult animal heads

Dairy Cattle Farming | Prod. Minimum 70L/day

Pig farming | 6 sows and/or 20 finished pigs

Beekeeping | 5 Hives in production

Poultry farming | 400 laying or meat birds

Fruit growing | 1ha

Vegetable farming | 1 task

Sheep and goat farming | 20 adult animal heads

Shrimp farming | 400kg/cycle

Fish farming | 300kg/cycle

Ornamental plants | 1 task

Rice farming | 4ha irrigated

Agroindustry | regularization

Discover the changes made by the Porto da Folha milk producer, Utemberg Freitas, after the arrival of Technical and Management Assistance:

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