April begins with more than 3,500 job offers in MS

April begins with more than 3,500 job offers in MS
April begins with more than 3,500 job offers in MS


Job applicants must not forget to bring documents, such as their work card.

The first week of April begins with 3,581 job openings at Funtrab (Fundação de Trabalho de Mato Grosso do Sul). The majority of opportunities are for Campo Grande where there are 1,345 offers in the most varied areas at the beginning of the month.

It draws attention to the number of vacancies offered for assistants loading and unloading merchandise (61), counter attendants (45), cafeteria assistants (87), kitchen assistants (43), cleaning assistants (56), production line assistants (47 ), cashier (67), bricklayer (70) and construction worker (45).

There are 59 exclusive vacancies for people with disabilities, including administrative assistants, store attendants and computer equipment maintenance technicians.

The cities in the interior with the highest number of vacancies are: Chapadão do Sul (252), Dourados (204), Cassilândia (187), Batayporã (151), Sidrolândia (128), Costa Rica (124), Três Lagoas (111), Bataguassu (105) and Corumbá (69). Among the most sought after professionals are: production line feeder, truck driver, forestry technical assistant and food service assistant.

In addition to job intermediation, Funtrab offers the Unemployment Insurance application service.

Those interested in the services must show up with ID, CPF and Work Card at the Workers’ House in their municipality. In Corumbá, it is located on Rua 15 de Novembro, 32 – Centro and is open from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Contact telephone numbers are 3907-5250/3907-5251.

The complete list of vacancies can be seen in this link.

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