Community Security Councils will be honored in a Solemn Session


Deputy Adriano José, president of the Public Security Commission, filed a request to hold a Solemn Session in honor of the “State Day of Community Security Councils in the State of Paraná”. The event is scheduled to start at 6 pm on April 2, 2024 (Tuesday), in the Plenary of the House of Laws.

The parliamentarian praises the relevance of Community Security Councils (CONSEGs) for strengthening public security policies throughout Paraná. “I worked in municipalities where we had new vehicles thanks to the work of CONSEGs. There are cities where, if it weren’t for the support of these entities, public security would not function properly,” he said.

Adriano José also expressed his pride in the Paraná police forces, highlighting his decade-long career as a military police officer. “Our Military Police, of which I had the honor of being part, our Civil, Scientific and Criminal Police and our socio-educational agents are, without a doubt, the best in the country and are here in Paraná”, he declared.

As president of the Public Security Commission, the deputy highlighted the actions promoted by the Ratinho Junior government, such as investments in structure, technology, intelligence, the Falcão Project to combat crime, the hiring of new police officers and delegates, aiming to enhance human capital in the area.

“CONSEGs play a fundamental role in bringing the community closer to security agents. This partnership strengthens ties, promotes the exchange of information and joins efforts towards safer cities. Therefore, it is only fair that we pay tribute to these entities that are so relevant to Paraná”, concluded Adriano José.

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