special course for offending drivers exceeds 90% approval


This past week, Detran-MS (Mato Grosso do Sul State Traffic Department) closed another “New Look” course, aimed at offending drivers who have difficulty passing the theoretical exam. With 14 offending drivers, the course that lasted three days, had 13 approved.

The Novo Olhar course was created with the sensitivity of realizing that some drivers have difficulty learning in the theoretical Recycling course for offending drivers, and consequently in the exam.

Every offending driver, whose Driver’s License is suspended, must take this refresher course and the course’s theory exam. If the offending driver fails this exam three times, he is sent to the Novo Olhar program.

With a more humanized and individualized refresher course, Novo Olhar seeks to welcome the offending driver, taking into account the plurality of students.

“They have knowledge of traffic rules, but have difficulty understanding the questions and identifying the information in the alternatives. Ultimately, there are difficulties in interpretation and reading”, explains professor Daniele Barbosa Lopes, who achieved a mark of 92.8% approved in the course.

The Novo Olhar program is expected to open a new class in June 2024 in Campo Grande and is undergoing a feasibility study for expansion to cities in the interior of the state.

Emmanuelly Castro, Detran-MS Communication
Photos: Rachid Waqued

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