Forum debates climate change and impact on economic production in MS – Economy

Forum debates climate change and impact on economic production in MS – Economy
Forum debates climate change and impact on economic production in MS – Economy

Opening of the Forum held today, in the Sebrae auditorium, in the Capital (Photo: Paulo Francis)

Transforming environmental responsibility and sustainability into an asset for Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the objectives of the State Forum on Climate Change of Mato Grosso do Sul, according to the state governor, Eduardo Riedel (PSDB), who participated today in the opening of the meeting. In addition to preservation, consolidate the mechanisms that can enable new economic sources and the impact of climate change on the productive sector.

The meeting is organized by Semadesc (State Secretariat for Environment, Development, Science, Technology and Innovation) today and tomorrow, at Sebrae headquarters.

Riedel said that today, at the Forum, R$6 million in public notices are still being launched via Fundect (Foundation to Support the Development of Education, Science and Technology of the State of MS) ​​to promote research involving climate change.

Governor of MS, Eduardo Riedel, participated in the opening of the event (Photo: Paulo Francis)

According to the governor, MS’s distinguishing feature is agricultural and industrial production, both consolidating in a sustainable manner in relation to its carbon balance. “The Forum comes to define, direct and internalize the great discussions that are taking place regarding this topic”.

At the event, the state government signs an agreement with Sebrae/MS, which will assess how the municipalities of MS are doing in relation to climate change, the Roadmap. The head of Semadesc, Jaime Verruck, added that the Forum also aims to assess the impact on the productive sector in the State’s municipalities, locations that could have their production affected by drought, flooding or excessive heat, for example.

Verruck says that based on the survey and debates at the meeting, the State will define which path to take, in addition to being carbon neutral, and creating a climate adaptation plan. “We are talking about soil coverage, soil conservation, flood risk in relation to municipal structures so that they are prepared for these extreme events that are occurring not only in the State, but in Brazil”.

The superintendent director of Sebrae/MS says that the discussion will encourage green as an economic bias, showing small business owners how they can turn it into revenue.

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