After being run over with 5 dead and more than 20 injured, community experiences mourning with “Easter Tragedy”

Mourning phrase in Marcos Freire (Photo: Social Networks)

A community of mourning. This is how the Marcos Freire Residential Complex dawned, in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, in Greater Recife, this Monday (1st).

Late in the afternoon of Easter Sunday (31), a minibus from the complementary system lost control, invaded a procession and hit dozens of devotees.

Three women and two men died and more than 20 people are admitted to hospitals in the region, some in serious condition.

This Monday (1st), graffiti was painted on walls: “Our hearts unite, our souls embrace each other in this hour of eternal longing.”

Inscriptions took over the asphalt in the area of ​​the Easter tragedy: MF (Marcos Freira) in mourning”, said one of them.

In the area, residents complain about the precariousness of public transport.

They say this was an “announced tragedy”, because of the state of conservation of the collectives.

The driver of the minibus and the permit holder, who has the right given by the city hall to transport in the area, were not found.

The collective suffered damage. Angry residents break parts of the vehicle.

What the city hall says

On social media, the city hall stated that it had declared a three-day mourning period, in a statement regarding the run over of worshipers by a minibus traveling on the Marcos Freire/Barra de Jangada line.

The accident occurred around 5pm, during the Cristo Vive walk, carried out by the Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro Church.

“In total, 32 people were confirmed affected, of which five died,” said the city hall.


Three women, aged 66, 53 and 51, and two men, aged 68 and 52, died. Of the people treated by Samu and the Fire Department, there are still 26 hospitalized, nine at Hospital da Restauração, seven at Hospital Dom Hélder, one at Hospital Otávio de Freitas, one in a private hospital and six at the Imbiribeira UPA and two at the UPA of Ibura.

“The information gathered so far, at the scene, is that the bus driver lost control of the vehicle when going down a slope on Avenida Barreto de Menezes, he still avoided the vehicles, but hit the faithful. Ambulances from Samu do Jaboatão and from neighboring municipalities, in addition to the Fire Department, were immediately called to help the victims. Traffic teams, Municipal Guards, Social Assistance, Health and Civil Defense Departments also came to provide support, in addition to the Military Police”, he said the note.

Also according to the city hall, the Executive Secretariat for Public Order and Mobility found that the vehicle involved is in good condition, with a technical vehicle inspection report from Inmetro carried out five months ago, valid annually.

“The documentation of the minibus and the permit holder are also in order. The vehicle was towed to the Prazeres Police Station, for examination by the Criminalistics Institute. The vehicle’s permit holder contacted the Secretary stating that he would present himself to the police, at the next few hours,” he said.

Mayor Mano Medeiros said he ordered city hall teams to collaborate with the police, so that the investigations could proceed as quickly and as rigorously as possible. This Monday, a multidisciplinary team will be at the Adelaide Pessoa Câmara School, providing all the necessary services to support the victims’ families.

What the police say

Phrase was written in the area of ​​the tragedy (Photo: Social Networks)

Also in a note, the Civil Police reproduced a statement made by the state government.

“The State Government, through the Secretariat of Social Defense (SDS), regrets the tragic traffic accident, involving a minibus and faithful, in the neighborhood of Marcos Freire, in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, and informs that, since becoming aware , deployed teams from the Military Fire Department and the Military, Civil and Scientific Police to the location.”

The Fire Department sent eight vehicles to the scene, four ambulances, one rescue vehicle and three operational command vehicles. Firefighter ambulances took three female victims to different hospital units.

“The incident is under the responsibility of the Plantão de Prazeres Police Station. The identification and location of the driver is a priority for the Pernambuco Civil Police. The minibus is part of the complementary transport provided by the Jaboatão dos Guararapes City Council, which grants permission,” he added. .

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