“Bullet eating”: neighbors record a hail of gunfire between the PM and PCC; look


São Paulo – Military police officers were shot at on Saturday afternoon (30/3), when they were on patrol in the vicinity of Morro do Jardim Progresso, in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. The region, where Morro de São Bento is also located, is dominated by the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC).

According to the General Command of the PM, police officers from the 11th Special Police Actions Battalion (Baep), from Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, were the target of shots fired by at least three criminals.

The PMs then retaliated. At one point, they were trapped until reinforcements arrived, including the Águia helicopter. Part of the exchange of gunfire caused panic in the region and was recorded by neighbors. O Metropolises had access to recordings made by a resident of the region (watch below).

PM and PCC Santos shooting

Águia Helicopter provided support during confrontation with criminals
Reproduction/Personal Archive

PM and PCC Santos shooting

Police officers run for cover during an exchange of gunfire in Santos, on the coast of SP
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Color image shows two Baep police officers climbing a hillside on foot, next to a police vehicle - Metrópoles
PM and PCC Santos shooting

Military police search for criminals after shooting
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Color image shows PM hiding behind a pole, with a green arrow indicating where the police officer is - Metrópoles
PM and PCC Santos shooting

Police take cover behind pole during exchange of gunfire
Reproduction/Personal Archive

Color image shows military police officers, far away, running in a hill alley, near a forested area - Metrópoles
PM and PCC Santos shooting

Police officers run during shooting
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According to the record, dozens of shots are heard from inside the witness’s property, resembling everyday scenes in the hills of Rio de Janeiro.

The resident is shocked by the continuous gunfire. “The mess doesn’t stop […] The bullet [tá] eating [solta]family”, he comments.

Despite the large number of shots fired from both sides, no one was injured, according to a note sent to the Metropolises, this Sunday (31/3), by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP). The ministry added that the police officers “were victims of attempted murder” during the Operation Summer raid.

Watch the video of the action below:

Uninterrupted operation

Operation Summer, launched at the end of last year, reinforced policing on the coast with more than 3,000 military police officers from various regions of the state.

The initial forecast, according to the Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) management, was to end the actions on February 23rd. However, after the death of military police officers in the region, including two from Rondas Ostensivas Tobias Aguiar (Rota), the operation continues indefinitely.

The answer also came with blood. Until the publication of this report, at least 56 people had been killed by police in alleged clashes in the region. The unprecedented violence, perpetrated by public agents, is the target of the police ombudsman’s office. The agency has already published two reports pointing out a series of irregularities in police actions in Baixada Santista. Among the allegations are accusations of torture and summary execution.

Deaths explode 1,250% in Santos

A survey carried out by the Public Ministry of São Paulo, on the lethality of the São Paulo Military Police, shows that deaths caused by agents in Santos, in the first quarter of this year, increased by 1,250%.

In the first three months of 2023, two people were killed in alleged clashes with military police. In the same period this year, there were 27.

Data from the Special Action Group for Public Security and External Control of Police Activity (Gaesp) still show that deaths caused by PMs, in the first quarter of 2024, exceed all records from last year, when 17 people were killed by men from the corporation.

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