With more than 100 cases in 2 months, DF has a rape every 14 hours

With more than 100 cases in 2 months, DF has a rape every 14 hours
With more than 100 cases in 2 months, DF has a rape every 14 hours

A 10-year-old boy was on his way to school when he was approached by a man and raped inside an abandoned chemical toilet in Quadra 110 of Recanto das Emas. The crime occurred on March 19 and, unfortunately, is not unique.

According to data from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP-DF), in the first two months of 2024, 104 rapes were recorded in the Federal District, which corresponds to one case every 14 hours. In the same period last year, 125 incidents of this nature were recorded. March numbers will only be available from the first half of April.

The child mentioned above will need psychological support from Guardianship Council teams. The chemical toilet in which the rape occurred was seized and will undergo forensic examination to identify possible traces of sexual violence. The criminal fled.

That same week, another 13-year-old boy was also raped while going to his grandmother’s house. The teenager was lured into an alley in Ceilândia by a can collector.

The boy was found hours later by his father. The boy was sitting on the street, in shock and unable to say what had happened. He was only able to communicate through drawings. The criminal was identified and arrested red-handed.

Noble area

Crimes occur everywhere. On March 24, a 31-year-old woman was rescued after running down the street naked, screaming for help. She was on the shore of Lake Paranoá, an upscale area of ​​Brasília, when a man used a knife to capture her and take her to the scene of the crime.

While committing the act, the man attacked and threatened the victim. The Military Police of the Federal District carried out a tour of the place where the rape took place and detained a suspect, whose identity was confirmed by witnesses. He was taken to the 1st Police Station (Asa Sul).

The victim was treated by the Federal District Military Fire Department (CBMDF) and taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) for preliminary examinations. Subsequently, she was referred to the health network for prophylactic treatment to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Cardiac arrest after violence

In February, Isabela Dourado de Oliveira, aged 4, went into cardiac arrest after suffering sexual violence and ended up not resisting. The main suspect is the girl’s stepfather.

Igor Fernandes Pereira Ayres, 22, was arrested on suspicion of raping and killing his stepdaughter. He lived in an apartment, in Taguatinga Sul, with the victim and the little girl’s mother for a month.

Neighbors of the apartment told police that they often heard the girl screaming and crying when she was alone with her stepfather.

Old cases came to light

At the end of the month, the case of a physical education teacher who allegedly raped a boy for four years came to light. The abuse began in 2019, when the victim was 9 years old, and took place in the child’s home, in Jardim Botânico, an upscale region of Brasília.

According to the PCDF, Ricardo was a neighbor of the victim’s family and began to get closer to them. After befriending and gaining the trust of the child’s mother, the suspect began to frequent the house. Under the pretext of playing video games with the boy, several sexual abuses were committed.

The sexual attacks lasted until November 2023, when the child managed to tell his mother what he was suffering. The criminal is considered a fugitive. The Na Mira column found that the suspect currently lives in Colombia, where he trained a youth football team.


In the Federal District, 35 rapists have been wanted for more than 10 years, with arrest warrants issued. O Metropolises consulted all 329 arrest warrants opened in the Federal District for more than a decade and divided them by criminal classification.

The data are from the National Prison Monitoring Bank (BNMP), from the National Council of Justice (CNJ).

The oldest arrest warrant for rape in the Federal District is from 2003. Bricklayer Ortêncio Santos de Jesus was convicted under article 214 of the Penal Code: “Embarrassing someone, through violence or serious threat, to commit or allow someone to commit rape with him. libidinous act other than carnal conjunction”.

Ortêncio’s conviction cites that he sexually abused a vulnerable person. At the time, the crime – which was considered indecent assault – was revoked in 2009, and his conduct ended up included within the crime of rape.

The second arrest warrant for rape that has been open for the longest time is against the farmer Francisco das Chagas Borges da Silva. He has been wanted since 2007, also for having abused a person in a vulnerable situation.

In the same year and for the same reason, Bahian Manoel Messias de Sousa became sought after.

The maximum sentence for this type of crime was 10 years. In other words, they have been sought for longer than the punishment itself.

The year with the most criminals on the run for more than a decade is 2013 – of the 35 rape cases, 23 refer to that period, around one per month.

Find out how and where to report

In a note, the Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District highlighted the importance of recording incidents by the population to support the preparation of studies and criminal stains that indicate days, times and places of highest incidence of each crime, among other information relevant to the process. of investigation.

According to the ministry, these surveys are used to develop strategies for the overt policing of the Military Police, as well as for the identification and dismantling, by the Civil Police (PCDF), of possible groups specializing in this type of crime.

The incident can be registered at police stations located in the administrative regions and also through the Electronic Police Station, available at this link.

There are also four other means of reporting provided by the PCDF:

  • Report online at this link;
  • Email: [email protected];
  • Telephone: 197, option 0 (zero);
  • WhatsApp: (61) 98626-1197.

The Military Police (PMDF) is also available for emergency assistance by calling 190.

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