First Environmental Conciliation Task Force of 2024 starts this Monday (1st)

First Environmental Conciliation Task Force of 2024 starts this Monday (1st)
First Environmental Conciliation Task Force of 2024 starts this Monday (1st)

The first Environmental Conciliation Task Force of 2024, organized by the State Secretariat for the Environment (Sema-MT) for agreements to recover degraded areas, will begin this Monday (1).

This year, four editions will be held from April 1st to 5th, from July 1st to 5th, from September 23rd to 27th and from December 2nd to 6th, at the headquarters of the State Public Ministry (MPMT), in Cuiabá, always starting at 8:30 am.

The initiative is aimed at the most complex cases of environmental infractions and offers those who are interested in reconciling solutions in the three spheres of liability, civil, administrative and criminal.

Reconciliation is only possible with the immediate commitment to regularize or correct the infraction and repair the damage, regardless of the value of the fine applied, highlighted the Secretary of the Environment of Mato Grosso, Mauren Lazzaretti.

“The possibility of dealing with the conflict in the three spheres of responsibility, promotes gains for the environment with the regularization of conduct, as well as providing better results in terms of procedural efficiency, both administrative and judicial”, he added.

The Mutirão is carried out in partnership between the environmental agency, the Civil Judiciary Police, MPMT and the Judiciary, through the Permanent Center for Consensual Methods of Conflict Resolution (Nupemec).

Immediate recovery

Since it was launched in September 2023, the initiative has exceeded expectations with agreements for the immediate recovery of 11.5 thousand hectares of native vegetation in Mato Grosso (APP and ARL) and forest replacement for all deforestation, whether in protected areas or not.

69% of cases arising from environmental infractions were resolved in the two editions of the collective effort, in September and November; R$47.5 million in fines were collected and 59% of sanctions due to embargo and 71% due to blocking of goods were resolved.

The amount received is already being applied directly to services for preserving, improving and recovering the quality of the environment, as provided for in the Fines Conversion program, established by the State Government in 2022.

Trading all year round

The Mutirão is not the only time when it is possible to seek conciliation. Throughout the year, interested parties can contact Sema-MT to speed up the conflict resolution process. The action, in itself, is a movement to encourage environmental infractions to be resolved quickly.

Other information can be obtained by calling (65) 3613-7349.

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