Kobra works at the UN mark 200 years of Brazilian independence


To celebrate the bicentennial of Brazil’s independence, Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra was invited by the Brazil Mission to the UN to exhibit his works at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Eleven panels by the muralist, who began to draw in the streets of São Paulo in secrecy before conquering the world, are displayed in the hall where the murals “Guerra” and “Paz” by Cândido Portinari are located, and where there will also be a ceremony, this Wednesday, to set the date.

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Exhibition with works by Brazilian artist Kobra at UN Headquarters in New York marks the bicentennial of Brazil’s independence


In an exclusive interview with UN News, Kobra spoke about the exhibition and the message he wants to convey with his works. He highlighted that having his work displayed in the halls of the United Nations is an honor. The Brazilian explains that his murals emphasize peace and solidarity, in addition to dealing with disarmament and supporting tolerance and respect for diversity, guidelines that are in line with the UN principles.

“This exhibition is works that I have made all over the world. Talking a little about the history of each of these works, from a series of murals that I made here in New York, which is also a project called Colors for Liberty, as well as other panels that are connected with messages associated with what I believe, with what I experience, which I treat in these murals. And they are also connected, in a way, with the messages that the UN brings. And in the background the mural, which is a mural on the facade here at the UN, which we are about to start. There are also multi-level permissions and authorization issues. One of them is to park the machines on the floor. So there are a lot of complex things. People hope to get it done. Let’s see, we’re fighting for it.”

UN News

Exhibition with works by the Brazilian artist Kobra at the UN Headquarters in New York

The artist highlighted that he already has more than 3 thousand works coloring streets around the world. Some were damaged over time, but several compositions still catch the eye of those who pass through important places in the two cities with which Kobra has the greatest connection: São Paulo and New York.

On Wednesday night, senior representatives of the United Nations, member countries and artists will be able to check out the show, which is a partnership between the Brazilian Mission at the UN and the Eden gallery, which represents Kobra in the United States.


The Brazilian independence party held in New York will have another attraction: the iconic Empire State building lit up in Brazilian colors. The surprise was organized by the Brazilian consulate in the city.

The celebration of the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence deserved a special mention from the Secretary-General in the Portuguese Language Day message. In the mention made by António Guterres, he highlighted the deep recognition for the Brazilian contribution in the founding of the United Nations and over the years.

The dimensions of Brazil and its influence as a nation were highlighted by the president of Portugal. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said he considers Brazil “a great power” both in the Latin American and transcontinental contexts, evidenced by the strength of its presence in regions such as Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Portuguese head of state said that, with their power, Brazilian citizens, especially young people, are influential and have weight in strategic, economic and multilateral fields around the world.

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