Brazil could reach a thousand deaths from dengue

Brazil could reach a thousand deaths from dengue
Brazil could reach a thousand deaths from dengue

Brazil is going through one of its most critical years in relation to dengue. To date, there have been records 2,624,300 probable cases It is 991 deaths confirmed by the disease, an alarming number that puts the population on maximum alert.

According to the Ministry of Health, through the Arbovirus Panel, these numbers not only show a significant increase compared to the previous year, but also highlight the intensity with which the disease is spreading across the country. The lethality of severe cases of the disease is 4.09a fact that reinforces the need for adequate prevention and treatment.

How does the dengue situation compare to previous years?

When comparing current data with that from previous years, the severity of the current scenario becomes evident. The year 2024 surpassed the previous record for probable dengue cases, which dated back to 2015, with 1,688,688 records. This is a worrying increase that requires attention from health authorities and the population.

The number of deaths confirmed by the disease in 2023 was 1,204the highest since the beginning of the historical series in 2000. This increase in numbers shows not only the expansion of the disease, but also the importance of effective public policies to combat it.

How can we prevent dengue?

  • Eliminate standing water: This is the most effective measure, as it prevents the reproduction of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.
    • Repellent use: Essential to avoid bites, especially during periods of outbreak.
    • Installation of screens on windows and doors: Prevents mosquitoes from entering homes.
    • Community participation: Joint cleaning and awareness actions are essential to eradicate mosquito outbreaks.

What are the prospects for combating dengue?

The harsh reality presented by the numbers requires not only immediate action, but also continuous efforts towards prevention and awareness. Health campaigns must be intensified, as well as the development of new strategies to combat the vector. With the active participation of the population and the support of the authorities, there is hope that we can reverse this trend and significantly reduce dengue cases in the country.

It is important to highlight that dengue fever is a serious disease, which can be fatal. Therefore, at the slightest symptom, it is crucial to seek medical help. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against this arbovirus.

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