National Change1Habit Day is coming | SOS Unimed

National Change1Habit Day is coming | SOS Unimed
National Change1Habit Day is coming | SOS Unimed

In addition to encouraging changes in habits throughout the year, Unimed has an official date for promoting health and well-being: National Change1Habit Day, April 7th.

In Piauí, Unimed Teresina prepared an unmissable program to promote care so you can live longer and better. It will be this Sunday (07/04), from 5pm, on Av. Raul Lopes. Check out!

National Change1Habit Day – Unimed Teresina
– Musical presentation: Banda20nos
– Fit dance classes and warm-up guided by professionals

In addition to activations with:
– Bike juice (physical activity)
– Massage (emotional balance)
– Hortifruti Market (healthy eating)

It is the Unimed National Movement that promotes health care, encouraging healthy practices so that people can live longer and better.

When we change a habit, we reap lifelong benefits.

Start slowly, little by little, without demands or unattainable goals. We want to remind you that trying new things can be fun and change your life.

Peel, prepare, create your own flavors. A balanced diet offers the nutrients your body needs and, to top it off, it can be very tasty!

Fundamental step: connect your thoughts to your main objective – taking care of your health. Well-being happens when body and mind are in tune.

Activate your body memory. Move yourself! Start small and your body will respond with even more energy.

With information from Unimed Brasil.

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