Foot baths help combat everyday stress. Find out how to do it

Foot baths help combat everyday stress. Find out how to do it
Foot baths help combat everyday stress. Find out how to do it

Ancient practice can be added with salts, essential oils and flower petals – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

Foot bathing is a practice present in various traditions and civilizations around the world. There are records that more than five thousand years ago, the technique was already used for cleaning and, above all, relaxation. With the stimuli and stress of modern life, practice can be a good way to relieve the tensions of the day. Find out how to do it:

How does the foot bath work?

When we add salts to water, they dissociate to form ions that conduct electrical energy. When we keep our feet in this solution, the force generated by the ions dispersed in the water causes the ions in the cells of the human body to migrate in the direction of this external force. This migration can cause physiological changes at various levels of the organism.




Helps regulate blood pressure
Hot water can help dilate blood vessels, improve circulation and blood pressure.

Decreases swelling
By promoting improved circulation, foot baths also help reduce the accumulation of fluids in the body, which causes most swelling.

Helps relieve and treat symptoms of joint pain, muscle fatigue, myalgia, menstrual cramps and arthritis. Heat can also ease the pain and discomfort of muscle cramps, especially for people who spend long hours on their feet or frequently wear high heels.

The contact of the feet with the warm water helps the body to relax, which greatly improves the feeling of well-being after a tiring day.

How to make?

You will need a basin capable of submerging your feet up to the ankles. The water temperature should be between 36°C and 46°C, depending on skin sensitivity. You can add salts and essential oils to enrich the experience and ensure maximum relaxation.

The ideal duration for practice is 20 minutes, removing your feet from the water before it cools down.

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