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Did you know that diabetes affects millions of Brazilians and that at least half of them don’t know they have the disease? Diabetes can be silent, but when well monitored and treated, it allows a normal life if the patient has, at least, the correct diagnosis. This chronic condition is characterized by insufficient production or malabsorption of insulin by the body and, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), affects 15.7 million people in Brazil.

Are you one of them?

In the month that marks the alert for the diagnosis of the disease, GLIC , a pioneering application in digital health for the treatment of diabetes, created a quiz that will help you find out if you have a predisposition to the disease. With just a few quick answers, you’ll know if you’re in a high-risk group for developing type 2 diabetes in the next 10 years, and you’ll receive guidance and information about the disease.

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GLIC is also promoting an educational campaign that proposes to break the silence on diabetes, making the topic an agenda for everyone. In addition to accessing special content, it is possible to perform quick and free tests.

“In Brazil, about half of the population that has diabetes does not know it and, therefore, it is essential to draw attention and raise awareness about the risks of the condition. In addition to showing that it is possible to live with diabetes without complications, as long as proper management is carried out”, explains Gabriel Schon, co-founder of GLIC.

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Campaign participant performs a quick blood glucose test in the space set up by GLIC.

The space provided by GLIC for carrying out rapid blood glucose tests is available free of charge to the population of São Paulo every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in November. The result comes out in up to 6 minutes and participants will have access to health professionals for reception and initial guidance. The space is at Afya’s headquarters, located at Alameda Lorena, 269 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP

Apps at the service of well-being and the correct management of diabetes

According to a study carried out by UNIFESP, patients who used the GLIC application had excellent performance in glycemic management, in addition to reducing glycemic variability – an important index for reducing cardiovascular risk and the development of microvascular complications in people with diabetes.

Take the test now!

The quiz is fast and free.
Access the GLIC quiz now

For Afya’s VP of Digital Services, Lelio de Souza, solutions such as GLIC endorse the group’s mission, which is to provide an ecosystem that integrates education and digital solutions to generate intelligence and enhance the development, productivity and assertiveness of professionals of health. “In addition to training physicians in the various stages of their academic career, Afya wants to be increasingly recognized as the partner that offers digital solutions that facilitate the physician’s routine, be it bedside content, clinical decision software or services medical records and office management.”

Get to know GLIC

If you are a patient with type 1 diabetes or a user of multiple doses of insulin, know that you are not alone. Download GLIC now, the first app for diabetes and glycemic control in Brazil designed to help with routine diabetes care through various features, such as consultation and recording of carbohydrates, insulin dose calculation, medication reminders and glycemic recording . People with type 2 diabetes can carry out their treatment routine using GLIC’s WhatsApp. GLIC healthtech was acquired by Afya in May this year.

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