Deborah Secco praises sex with famous ex: ‘Hottest woman’ | Celebrities

Deborah Secco praises sex with famous ex: ‘Hottest woman’ | Celebrities
Deborah Secco praises sex with famous ex: ‘Hottest woman’ | Celebrities
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Published 02/04/2024 19:47 | Updated 04/02/2024 19:59

Rio – Deborah Secco revealed details of her intimate and sexual life in an interview on the program “Surubaum”, with Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank, available this Monday (2) on YouTube.

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In addition to her, Fabiana Karla also participated in the attraction and during the game of “I Never”, Deborah wanted to know if they liked swallowing or spitting semen at the right time.

“I’ve never spit, I like it so much…”, said Secco. “I’m disgusted, I don’t like the smell”, said Ewbank.

Then, Deborah talked about a relationship with a famous person. “I had a woman, I swear, to you, who was like a glass of water. (I swallowed) everything, I thought it was so incredible and there were several glasses of water, like, in my face, it wet my hair, I swear. That was without a doubt the hottest woman I’ve ever had sex with and she knows who she is,” he said.

Bruno told her to send a kiss to her ex, and the actress revealed: “She knows who she is, she knows. She’s famous.”

Secco also revealed that he did nine years of pompoirism, which helped to improve his sex life and reach orgasm more easily.

“I can cum without touching myself… I throw ping-pong balls, I throw balls, I smoke cigarettes (with my vagina)…”, she revealed.

She also said that she can reach orgasms using only contractions and leg movements.

With the scenes from the film Bruna Surfistinha, she said that she discovered that there were many things that she had never experienced in sex.

“We come from a very sexist culture, in Bruna I did millions of scenes with the ‘ta-pau’, ‘golden shower’, which I said, ‘I never imagined doing that’, with a couple, then I started to understand that it wasn’t so It’s so ugly and we were raised in an environment where women’s sexuality was created to satisfy men and I no longer want to satisfy a guy, I want to satisfy myself too”, he said.


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