Pitel criticizes Davi’s attitude on BBB 24: ‘Implicit Manipulation’

Pitel criticizes Davi’s attitude on BBB 24: ‘Implicit Manipulation’
Pitel criticizes Davi’s attitude on BBB 24: ‘Implicit Manipulation’

Previously on the afternoon of this Tuesday, April 2nd, at the BBB 24, Giovanna activated Espia BBB at the right time. After the content is watched and discussed, Pitel criticizes the attitude of David with Beatrice It is Matthewand even blasted the app driver.

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It turns out that, at the moment Giovanna called Espia BBB, she caught Davi talking about the Leader’s friendship with Isabelle: “Brazil is watching. It’s not natural at all, it’s just a strategy. If you like it, you like it. You might even like it, because at the beginning they had a friendship, but that’s strategy.”

Pitel and MC Bin Laden were present, and shortly after finishing the conversation, the social worker declared: “They are trying to put you on Paredão”. “Glad you listened. Matteus making the mind, Davi making the mind”, stated the funk player.

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“He said, Brazil is watching. You see, she said she would never vote for Isabelle”, Pitel then highlighted. “Exactly, from the beginning I said the same thing, I maintained the same thing”, declared Giovanna, in short.

Pitel criticizes David’s attitude

The presence of Beatriz and Matteus in the conversation caught the trio’s attention. “It’s a conversation you don’t need to have. Giovanna clearly likes her, Giovanna always said that she wouldn’t vote for Isabelle and we always understood”, said the woman from Alagoas, in summary.

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“What he is doing is just implicit manipulation. That’s my view of him. ‘I’m not trying to influence, no, but that’s my opinion’. Then, if you are already weakened, you say: ‘Wow, I have that feeling too”, Pitel criticizes Davi’s attitude, primarily.

“Mattheus talks about this stuff and then he arrives, jokes, reviews. That’s what I don’t agree with. Davi even understands, he’s closer [de Isabelle]. Now, not even Bia [Beatriz]. What does Bia have to do with talking about your friendship? It has nothing to do with her meddling”, concluded MC Bin Laden, finally.

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