Casimiro is involved in controversy when defending Neymar, is criticized and backtracks | Celebrities

Casimiro is involved in controversy when defending Neymar, is criticized and backtracks | Celebrities
Casimiro is involved in controversy when defending Neymar, is criticized and backtracks | Celebrities
Casimiro and Neymar Jr.Reproduction/Instagram

Published 04/01/2024 16:01

Rio – YouTuber and digital influencer Casimiro – founder of Cazé TV – was criticized for broadcasting the Santos x Palmeiras final game, on Sunday (31), and praising Neymar, who was at the Vila Belmiro stadium. An Internet user from X, formerly Twitter, made a post asking him to stop, and recalled that the player’s family helped finance the reduction of Daniel Alves’ rape sentence by paying 150 thousand euros (around R$900 thousand).

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“I beg, I BEG Casimiro and TV Cazé – which I have always praised – for them to stop separating the author from the work and stop praising Neymar on their television. He helped in the prosecution of a rapist. Enough is enough. Limits .”, wrote the Pagodinha Zeca profile on the social network. Due to the repercussion, the publication had more than 4.6 million views.

“Not only is this very annoying, it gives the feeling that the work they do there in their broadcast is not for women to feel included as spectators. It’s very, very annoying,” he wrote.

Casimiro read the criticism on his channel during the broadcast and many people attacked the internet user. “I see that Cazé talked about his tweet on Live. I wanted to make something clear, I don’t expect a position on the accusation. My tweet is NOT about that. It’s about how men do things and continue to be exalted because they are relevant in the media and how that trivializes what they do,” he continued.

This Monday (1), Pagodinha Zeca’s profile spoke again about the topic. “So much in less than a day, right, the thread escalated to a very tense place. Yesterday I received both absurd attacks and a lot of people coming to my defense and I wanted to thank those who came to see if I was okay and those who defended me in the situation. Thank you same,” he said.

She also commented that she received a private message from Cazé after the controversy. “I saw that Casimiro made a post apologizing to me. He also came to speak to me individually to apologize yesterday, after the live broadcast in the early hours of the morning. He apologized to me, admitted that he was wrong and also said that this situation will generate movement”, completed.

The profile also reinforced that today’s post was spontaneous. “I’m coming to say that Casimiro came to talk to me because of my decision and not to try to hide him, but because I think what was said was important. He mentioned that he was already gathering the team to talk about it and will also review this in person.”

On the social network, she highlights that media content related to football needs to start thinking about what can be done in relation to this mass lynching and attack when someone in the public they like is questioned.

“And I genuinely believe in Casimiro’s interest in building responsible work. That from the error comes the possibility of building a dialogue and thinking about actions about what was raised. And everything is fine. I’m fine and I hope that he and Ana Beatriz also be and stay”, he concluded.


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