Outside of ‘BBB 24’, Fernanda Bande is moved to see her autistic son undergoing treatment: ‘He’s a little man!’


The strong, well-articulated woman, who responds in kind and goes head to head, falls apart when it comes to her offspring. Fernanda Bande, 32 years old, was moved to tears on the afternoon of this Monday (1st) when watching a video of her son Marcelo, 11. Eliminated from “BBB 24” on the night of this Sunday (31st), the Niteroi native has not yet had the opportunity to meet the boy and Laura, 6, his other daughter, in person.

In the images he was moved by, Marcelo, who is autistic, takes psychomotricity classes in a space that takes care of the neurodevelopment of people on the same spectrum as him, in Jardim Icaraí, a neighborhood in Niterói.

“How cool! Is he enjoying it?”, Fernanda asked her mother, in the hotel room where she is staying.

And he continued with his eyes fixed on the cell phone screen:

“Him assembling the little things… Just having someone who knows what they’re doing… We don’t know, I don’t know what to do!”, exclaimed the pastry chef, in tears, to her brother, Gabriel Villa, who accompanied her at the moment: “He’s huge! He’s a little man!”

Delighted with the new possibilities for her son’s development, Loba still wanted to know:

“That’s cool! He’s studying, is he at school? And Laura?”

In the early hours of this Monday, during the “BBB Chat” with Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama, Fernanda had already been moved to see her daughter’s reaction watching her, directly from the “BBB 24” confessional, singing “Congratulations” for the girl on her birthday, which took place last Friday, the 29th.

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