Fairies will comfort Pitel and improvise Leader’s Party

Fairies will comfort Pitel and improvise Leader’s Party
Fairies will comfort Pitel and improvise Leader’s Party

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Alane Dias, Beatriz Reis and Isabelle Nogueira, from the Fadas group, decided to cheer up rival Giovanna Pitel, who lost her biggest ally on Sunday (1/3), Fernanda Bande, and faces the current Paredão of “BBB 24” against two of them.

The initiative came from Alane, who invited Pitel to an improvised “party” of North-Northeast dances, saying that, like her, her sister also did not have a party with the Leader. Pitel liked the idea and agreed to participate in the party, in addition to asking the Fairies to teach him how to dance carimbó. She revealed that the theme of her Leader’s Party would be St. John, and Alane immediately proposed the idea: “Shall we have a St. John’s party, the three of us?”

The social worker made it clear that, although she is not an ally of the Fairies in the game, she has nothing against them to take outside the reality show. “Out of here, I want everyone to be happy,” she said. “It doesn’t fit here, but outside of here I have nothing against any of you. All my positions here inside and outside don’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to sustain a feud that was born here, because we won’t be fighting for anything else. No there will be room for a feeling that is not just gratitude. I really want to go on your television show [da Beatriz] which I really believe is coming. I want to look at her and say ‘look, I did a reality show with her’, I want to see her art! I want everyone to have space, I want to take you to Banho de Lua in Maceió!”

The rivals exchanged compliments and the member of the Gnomos group even apologized for the harshest words said about the Fairies. “I always chose to stay away from the beginning because it influences me too much”, explained Pitel. “I hope you forgive me for my harsh words. It’s hard to hear and it’s hard to talk, trust me.”

“While it’s difficult to be on Paredão with you two, at the same time I feel very honored to be on the program with you”, commented Alane. “We talk about you practically every day, because I think you’re an incredible, very strong woman… what you said on Women’s Day about lighter burdens for all women really resonated with me. I imagine that’s how little I know you and behind there is much more. I hope that outside we can have exchanges too”, continued the dancer.

“I think you are wonderful,” Pitel confessed. “For me, it was difficult to hear your story and not have it influence my game. I preferred to withdraw, move away and not hear the story because it really affects me. It’s my Achilles’ heel. I’ve always said that out of here I want Everyone be very happy, because whatever is mine will be mine, whatever is meant to be yours, will be yours.”

“I wish I had the opportunity to get to know you more”, added Isabelle to Pitel, in a farewell mood – her sister leads the polls as the next person to leave the reality show.

The moment of sisterhood between the sisters practically buries the chances of discord in the dynamics of Sincerão this Monday (1/4).

Alane, Beatriz and Pitel compete for Paredão and one of them will leave the program on Tuesday night (2/4).

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