BBB 24 poll: Davi’s ally could be eliminated this Tuesday (2)

BBB 24 poll: Davi’s ally could be eliminated this Tuesday (2)
BBB 24 poll: Davi’s ally could be eliminated this Tuesday (2)

Alane, Beatriz or Giovanna Pitel? One of the sisters says goodbye to BBB 24 on Tuesday night (2). While the first two are from the Fadas group, the second is part of the Gnomos, which has been suffering consecutive losses.

Pitel and Beatriz change positions in the Itatiaia poll on the afternoon of this Monday (1st) – which could represent the first casualty of the Fadas group after the elimination of Deniziane. On the other hand, Alane breathes a little more calmly, with 20.61% of the votes.

At 4:30 pm today, Beatriz is the one who appears to be eliminated from the most watched house in the country, with 40.65% of the votes. Pitel comes right behind the seller with 38.78%.

Remembering that the result of this poll does not reflect the final decision of the program, which counts the average votes for Single (one per CPF) and Fan votes (as many times as you want).

The sister with the most votes will be eliminated this Tuesday. They are already in the TOP 8: Davi, Isabelle, Matteus, MC Bin Laden, Lucas and Giovanna.


O Alane’s group He came in last place in the Leader’s Test and had to draw consequences. While Isabelle was left with immunity and Beatriz was unharmed in this first moment, the dancer took out the message: “You are on Paredão”.

Soon after, Leader Giovanna nominated Beatriz straight to the reality show’s spotlight. Pitel received the majority of the house’s votes and, as a result, occupied the third spot on Paredão.

Voting ranking

Votes to leave:

1st – Leidy Elin (88.33%)

2nd – Raquel (87.14%)

3rd – Marcus (84.86%)

4th – Yasmin (80.76%)

5th – Rodriguinho (78.23%)

6th – Michel (70.33%)

7th – Juninho (60.35%)

8th – Fernanda (57.09%)

9th – Deniziane (52.02%)

Votes to stay:

1st – Luigi (7.29%)

2nd – Pizane (8.35%)

3rd – Maycon (8.46%)

4th – Vinicius (9.92%)

5th – Nizam (17.14%)

6th – Thalyta (22.71%)

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