Outside of BBB 24, Fernanda is moved to discover her autistic son’s treatment


Fernanda was eliminated from the last Paredão of BBB 24, with just over 59% of the average vote. The sister has not yet met her two children, Laura and Mateus, aged 6 and 10, but she was already moved to receive news of the eldest, who is autistic and is receiving specialized treatment at a clinic.

“Where is this? Is he bigger? My God, he’s doing [tratamento] there? Oh, how cool!” says the ex-sister, already excited. “Is he enjoying it? There he is. Oh my God! He’s huge, man. He putting together the little things”, observes Fernanda.

“Just having someone who knows what they’re doing… we don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do”, he continues. During her time at BBB 24, Fernanda spoke a few times about the difficulties she faces in raising her two children, mainly due to her eldest son’s diagnosis.

Fernanda then questioned whether her son continued studying during the confinement period. “He is at school? Is he still at the same school?” she asks. “What a beautiful thing, look at his photo! My God, he looks like a little man”, says the ex-sister, excited.

Fernanda’s elimination

There are nine brothers left in BBB 24! Fernanda was eliminated on Sunday night (31), with an average of 57.09% of the votes. The sister faced Beatriz and Giovanna in the fifteenth Paredão of this edition of the program, which is in turbo mode, already in the final stretch.

Giovanna from Minas Gerais received 37.85% of the vote, while Beatriz obtained 5.06%. A paulista even made a promise to remain in the most watched house in Brazil and, after the results were announced, he knelt and prayed in the room.

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