Maiara and Murilo Huff improvise bar show: ‘Aleatory’


Imagine being in a bar and out of nowhere a random show starts. The one who takes the microphone is none other than Maiara, from the duo with Maraisa, and Murilo Huff. That’s what happened on Sunday, March 31, in Goiás.

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Marília Mendonça’s widower appears sitting next to Maraisa’s sister and they sing a hit by the duo Bruno & Marrone, Passou da Conta.

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Léo’s father joked about the moment shared on social media and said that ‘the beer opens by itself’ when it’s at the bar.

Maiara debuts new body with boyfriend in the audience

At another point, showing the table full of alcoholic drinks and a crowd surrounding the table, he even named the moment:

“Random review”.

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Look at her!

What wasn’t random was Maiara’s new body! The singer took the stage on Friday, March 29, and sang several hits alongside her sister, in Rio de Janeiro.

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Wearing a look that left her body well shaped and studded, the country singer went all out and debuted her big body, with her boyfriend in the audience, taking photos and sending kisses to the artist.

Maiara shows body curves (Thiago Mattos/Brazil News)

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