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Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta appeared on social media hunting stuffed animals

Maju Coutinho is one of the greatest journalists at Globo today and is always in the spotlight. At the moment, the presenter runs Fantástico on Globo’s Sunday nights, alongside Poliana Abritta.

Very discreet when it comes to her intimate life, last Wednesday night (31), she published on her Instagram profile a behind-the-scenes video of Show da Vida along with her colleague.

In the recording, Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta star in a hilarious moment, where they compete to get stuffed animals from those machines that exist in arcades inside malls.

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It turns out that Maju Coutinho caught two stuffed animals with the greatest ease. Poliana Abritta, on the other hand, managed to catch just one after much effort. In the caption, the anchor wrote: “Stuffed animal hunters? @showdavida has it. @polianaabritta and me”

Repercussion on the web

Maju Coutinho’s post has already garnered over 25,000 likes in less than 24 hours of publication. In the comments, the famous received the affection of famous friends and fans, who were amazed at her skills in the machine.

Lol I’m going to ask you to go with my son then lol ”, wrote the actress and comedian Evelyn Castro. A follower revolted because they couldn’t keep the prizes: “How absurd! They had to take it home.”

“I can’t believe they didn’t let you take it!!!”, fired another one, indignantly. “Kkkkkk people, it’s my dream to get one every time I go to the mall with my daughter, we try, she’s sad”, said another internet user.

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