Ex-wife of ex-BBB demands fortune earned at Globo: “Justice”

Viegas’ ex-wife sues justice over child support

Marcos Aurelio Viegas de Carvalhobetter known as viegas on account of his participation in ‘Big Brother Brasil’ in 2018 and finally, in 2021, in the reality show ‘No Limite’, both from Globo, was the subject of a lawsuit for non-payment of child support.

According to information released by the website ‘Em Off’, in the process, the ex-wife of the ex-BBB asks for 20% of the prize received by Viegas for being in second place in the ‘No Limite’ last year.

But, it turns out that Justice denied Karina Pizzo’s request, after all, it understood that amounts received in reality show awards do not constitute alimony obligation, since they are not labor remuneration.

In case, Viegas’ ex did not agree and filed a new appeal, pointing out that the former BBB flaunts an artist life on social media, but then again, she lost.

In the document that the ‘Em Off’ website had access to, Karina Pizzo reveals that it was established that Viegas would pay 20% of her pension income to her daughter, whose name is Marina.

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It is worth noting that, currently, the established amount, which is already paid by the former BB, is R$ 315 reais. On top of that, she argued that he has high incomes, which would have made the value negligible, for example, pointing out that the awards won in the survival reality show on Globo in 2021, when he earned 100 thousand reais for being in second place.


Furthermore, Karina pointed out that in 2018, Viegas was hired by Globo for six months. after all the confinement of reality, receiving a salary of 5 thousand reais per month.

He even uses other works by the former BBB, such as advertisements and movie releases, to claim that Viegas has failed to comply with the sentence. With that, Karina Pizzo asked him to pay not only the 20% of what he received in ‘No Limite’, but also the percentage referring to his works.

But once again, the Justice did not give reason to Karina Pizzo and denied the appeal.

“Award in a reality show does not constitute an alimony obligation, as it is not permanent, nor is it derived from constant labor remuneration”, they said.

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