Court decides Xuxa’s case against Carla Zambelli; see result

Court decides Xuxa’s case against Carla Zambelli; see result
Court decides Xuxa’s case against Carla Zambelli; see result

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The Justice ended the legal fight involving Xuxa Meneghel and Carla Zambelli. The result It wasn’t good for the presenterwhat lost, definitively, the case opened against the Bolsonaro federal deputy of PL-SP.

Xuxa demanded compensation of at least R$ 150 thousand for moral damages. Although, will have to pay R$31,300 in fees to the firm Kufa Advocacia, which represented the parliamentarian.

The action began in August 2020. Xuxa launched a children’s book, titled “Maya: Rainbow Baby”, which deals with LGBTQIAPN+ issues. The work recounts the trajectory of a girl who has two mothers.

Zambelli published a video on his social networks attacking the book and the presenter.

First, she asked Xuxa to “leave the children alone”. She then stated that the work was part of a “web of destruction of human values”what “encouraged innocent people to have sex” so “pave pedophilia and depravity”, he said, in comments filled with prejudice.

Xuxa highlighted in the lawsuit that the deputy’s statements were libelous, offensive and defamatory.

Zambelli’s defense countered, stating that he only exercised his right to freedom of expression.

What the court said

The Justice accepted the arguments of the Bolsonarista and the deputy won in all instances.

The rapporteur of the case at the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP), judge Luiz Costa, concluded that, “despite the dubious quality of the deputy’s statement, her comment did not constitute damage or injury to the honor of the presenter”, according to information from Rogério Gentile’s column, on UOL.

After that, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) maintained the decision, which became final. As a result, Xuxa can no longer appeal.

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