Marcos Mion, Manoel Soares and Fernanda from BBB 24: see celebrities with autistic children

Marcos Mion, Manoel Soares and Fernanda from BBB 24: see celebrities with autistic children
Marcos Mion, Manoel Soares and Fernanda from BBB 24: see celebrities with autistic children

World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated this Tuesday, April 2nd. On social media, celebrities who are parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) share information about the condition and talk about the importance of the date.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every 100 children is affected by autism worldwide. Created in 2007 by the United Nations (UN), the date aims to disseminate information about this condition of human neurodevelopment and reduce the prejudice that surrounds people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This April 2nd, the famous dads remembered World Autism Awareness Day on social media.

Manoel Soares

This Tuesday (2), journalist Manoel Soares did a live on Instagram to talk about the topic, together with his wife Maria Dinorá Rodrigues. The couple has two autistic children: Ezequiel and Izael.

In a post on social media, the journalist said he is against the romanticization of the autistic condition. “Autistic fathers and mothers go through real daily battles, but my tip is that they set aside at least ten minutes a day to smell their children’s scruffs, to play with them, to connect and make that connection come alive,” he said. .

Marcos Mion

Marcos Mion and Romeo

Reproduction/Social Media

Known for speaking about the autistic cause, presenter Marcos Mion also made a point of remembering the date this Tuesday (2). Mion is Romeo’s father and makes a point of sharing his routine and moments of affection with his son on social media.

In a post on Instagram, Mion drew attention to prejudice against people with ASD.

“A lot is said about the difficulties that exist when you are part of this spectrum. And yes, they are real, we cannot deny it. But little is said about skills, talents and capabilities! Autistic people can also be doctors, dancers, police officers, lawyers, whatever they want. But as long as difficulties are the only focus, we will not have the inclusive and welcoming society that we so desperately need. Many autistic people just need an opportunity to shine. So be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for!” she wrote.

Felipe Araújo

felipe araújo and miguel

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Country singer Felipe Araújo is also the father of an autistic child. Five-year-old Miguel was diagnosed with ASD in 2021. In an interview with Programa da Eliana, on SBT, in February this year, Felipe commented that the fact that Miguel’s mother is a psychologist helped with the discovery.

“When we received Miguel’s diagnosis of autism, it was a great success from Miguel’s mother, as she is a psychologist and works in the field as well, when we received the diagnosis, he was 1 year and 8 months old, it was very early and this allowed us to start all the treatments and all the stimuli earlier, this was very important for Miguel’s development”, he said.

Cristiano Araújo’s brother also said he wants to break the taboo on the subject. “We decided to talk more openly about this to raise awareness among parents and mothers throughout Brazil and around the world, who sometimes do not accept it, who are in denial about the diagnosis and show everyone that autism is love”, he stated.

Fernanda Bande, from BBB 24

fernanda bbb 24 autistic son

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The last participant eliminated from BBB 24, Fernanda Bande, is also the mother of an autistic boy. During the program, the sister commented on the difficulties of raising Marcelo, or just Celo, aged 10.

After being eliminated, on Monday (1st), Fernanda shared her reunion with her son. The ex-BBB member was very moved to learn that Marcelo began receiving care at a specialized clinic while she was confined. In the video of the reunion, he says that he voted “to save mom”.

This Tuesday morning (2), World Autism Awareness Day, Fernanda published a video accompanying his eldest son in one of the sessions at the clinic specializing in autism. “Today is a very, very important day. I dedicate all my love to the cause and I am learning. I am learning. I don’t know how to deal with it yet”, said the ex-BBB.

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