Behind the scenes of Eliana’s departure from SBT

Behind the scenes of Eliana’s departure from SBT
Behind the scenes of Eliana’s departure from SBT

War with Patrícia Abravanel and ‘warning’ about going to Globo: behind the scenes of Eliana’s departure from SBT.

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Eliana announced, this Monday (01), that she is leaving SBT after almost 15 years at the house. The presenter only remains on the channel until June and, after that, her professional path is still undefined. With the repercussion of the matter, columnists revealed behind the scenes of the end of the successful partnership between the star and the broadcaster.

According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the Metrópoles portal, Eliana was at war with Patrícia Abravanel within the station. The presenter already knew that she only remained at SBT at the insistence of Silvio Santos, who, despite being off the air, still wields a lot of power behind the scenes. Aware that she could be removed when the “owner of the trunk” was no longer in charge, the star decided to get ahead of herself and did not renew her contract.

The publication indicates that the war between Eliana and Patrícia began with a kind of spite on the part of Silvio’s daughter. She wanted to launch a program under her own name, but was unable to do so and took over the attraction under her father’s name. Her colleague, on the other hand, has a very successful program of the same name, which, in addition to being one of the few SBT attractions that still maintains second place, is also a huge commercial success.

Things seem to have gone downhill after an order that came from Patrícia herself. According to Fábia, she demanded that the commercial sector should sell the sponsorship quotas saying that the attraction was “SBT’s Sunday program presented by Eliana”, without highlighting the fact that Eliana’s name is the one who gives the show its nickname. .

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