Gal’s widow, Wilma Petrillo apologizes and strikes back in action

Gal’s widow, Wilma Petrillo apologizes and strikes back in action
Gal’s widow, Wilma Petrillo apologizes and strikes back in action

Last Sunday (31/3), Fantástico aired a controversial article involving Wilma Petrillo and Gabriel Burgos, the widow and son of singer Gal Costa. In the midst of so many accusations and exchanges of barbs, the businesswoman is also facing a legal battle that involves her name and that of the owner of one of the biggest voices in the country. The Fábia Oliveira column discovered exclusive details of this case.

Last year, this columnist had already said that Wilma was sued by Daniela Cutait due to the sale of a property and alleged problems with paying electricity and gas bills. Furthermore, Petrillo allegedly offended the woman, stating that she lived “hanging on her naive husbands”, and insinuating, pejoratively, that she had worked as a cleaning lady during the period in which she claims to have lived in New York.

Well then. We discovered, exclusively, that Wilma Petrillo retracted the false accusations made against Daniela, but anyone who thinks the frills are over is mistaken. Gal’s ex-partner defended herself in the process and said that it is inappropriate to charge bills from a person who died and whose estate was not even closed. She was clear in saying that the person who should answer for this issue is the estate, and not her as an individual.

Wilma also pointed out that the Enel account was already owned by Gal Costa, trying to deny the author of the action. Gal Costa’s ex-wife stated that the Comgás account was already in her name long before the attacks made by Daniela and the beginning of the legal action.

But wait, the broth gets even hotter! This is because Wilma said she had been offended by Daniela and that, therefore, through a counterclaim (a counterattack), she should pay R$5,000 for the offenses propagated on social media and which appeared in several articles in the country.

And if you think that Daniela Cutait swallowed this story dry again, you are wrong. The girl said she was surprised by Wilma’s stance, who, even after sealing an agreement, appeared in the process not only to defend herself, but to counterattack. After all, in the document itself she would have already acknowledged that she caused damage to the author and had already assumed that there was an ownership of accounts to be made.

Daniela recalled that she had to pay Wilma’s debts to avoid having even greater losses in her name and CPF.

Derogatory terms, insults, excuses, counterattacks, the process is a whirlwind that promises to still give something to talk about. It is worth remembering that, after the public clash between Wilma and Gal’s son – who reported that she never allowed him to call him “mother” – it is possible that Petrillo will end up choosing to simply resolve his other problems in court so that his name can be published. little of the spotlight.

If Gal told her audience, in one of her most beautiful songs, that they needed to know about the pool, the daisy and Carolina, perhaps, in the end, it’s better that she doesn’t know about this whole circus that now involves her name and its legacy.

Remember the case involving Wilma Petrillo, Gal’s widow

According to the records that the column had exclusive access to, the action involves the purchase and sale of a property. Daniela Cutait, author of the case, claimed to have made the sale to Gal on July 31, 2020. With the singer’s death, Wilma Petrillo remained the owner of the property.

The contract stated that, after the transfer of the property, the new owner would have 30 days to change ownership with competent service providers with taxes, fees and contributions. It turns out that the change was not made within the deadline required by the contract.

Daniela Cutait then began to receive several messages demanding late payment of electricity and gas debts, always being warned that the situation could result in her CPF being negative. She claims that she paid a debt worth R$2,499.54 just in an attempt to disconnect services from ENEL.

Trying to resolve the issue of gas account ownership, Daniela had more problems. This is because, according to her, the issue made Wilma Petrillo arrogant and rude, swearing at her and blocking her contact on Whatsapp. Without having any other way out, the author of the action asked for the services to be disconnected.

It turns out that, in relation to gas, Comgás said that the disconnection would need to be carried out inside the residence. Wilma Petrillo allegedly prevented technicians from entering the house three times. Since the widow does not change her ownership and Comgás cannot terminate her, Daniela says that she continues to be charged and have her name registered with protection bodies.

Wilma has already posted some payment receipts on her Twitter account, in an attempt to prove that she was fulfilling her obligations. She said that Daniela’s name would be in Serasa for different reasons that had nothing to do with her. She also said that she lived with husbands who honored their bills, rented rooms in the house to have extra income, what a great merit of hers it was to have lived in NY for two years and that this was pathetic. However, such receipts presented would be for electricity bills, not gas bills.

Still in the documents, Daniela says that, in addition to not proving the payment, Wilma Petrillo had defamed her by talking about “living on husbands”.

The requests for the process include two “Emergency Protections”. One so that Comgás promotes the change of ownership and the other so that, if Comgás does not do so, Gal Costa’s widow is determined to do so within five days, under penalty of a fine of R$2,000 per day.

Daniela also requested R$2,499.54 in material damages. As for moral damages, the amount of R$20,000 was requested.

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