Oruam spelled Red Command backwards

Oruam spelled Red Command backwards
Oruam spelled Red Command backwards

Brazil was presented at the Lollapalooza to the rapper Oruam (Photograph). “Rolé in the favela de nave, the music at the highest volume, I’m going to come out at the dance later, I’m going to use a perfume launcher, put on the Glock to give a roller to the piranhas, watch the volume, it’s just that in the bear’s jungle they know that we are the subject”says the lyrics “Rolé na Favela de Nave”known by fans of the genre and a legion of celebrities, such as Neymar It is Peter Scooby.

Oruam is the “owner’s son”, as the title of another of his songs says. The owner is Marcinho VPhead of Red Command (CV). In these lyrics, Mauro (Oruam is the backwards version) Davi dos Santos Nepomuceno says the following: “The State is genocidal towards residents. I’m not afraid, I’m the owner’s son. Bigger responsibility from a man, from an animal car I made her go crazy. And today, wherever I go, everyone wants to give me”.

In his performance at Lollapalooza, the owner’s son wore a t-shirt that combined a photo of the owner with the word “freedom”. Marcinho VP was sentenced to a total of 44 years in prison for crimes such as qualified homicide and drug trafficking, and, despite being imprisoned in a maximum security prison in Catanduvas (PR), he remains appointed as leader of the CV. He is also accused by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro of crimes of criminal association and money laundering in another case.

“Honor your father and mother

After the repercussion about the t-shirt, Oruam took to social media to explain himself. He posted a biblical passage — “Exodus 20:12: ‘Honor your father and your mother, that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you’” — and a long text, which he called an official note and classified as “just an outburst from a child who grew up without having his father around”.

The note said: “My father was arrested at the age of 20, almost 30 years ago. For more than 15 years, he has lived locked in a 6 square meter cell, with 2 hours of sunbathing a day, when authorized, and without contact with anyone other than the prison guards. My family and I can, when authorized, see him once a month, for a few hours, and through glass, without any physical contact.”.

“My life has been like this since I was a child. I don’t even have a photo with my father, nor did I have the pleasure of enjoying simple things with my father. Prison should serve to resocialize and not torture.”follows the text, in a classic speech that does not exactly suit cases like that of Marcinho VP.


Márcio Nepomuceno dos Santos was sentenced to 36 years in prison in 2007 for having rival drug dealers André Luis dos Santos Jorge, known as Dequinha, and Rubem Ferreira de Andrade, the famous Rubinho, dismembered in October 1996. The pieces of the rivals’ bodies who planned to control drug trafficking in Complexo do Alemãoin Rio de Janeiro, at the behest of Leite Ninho, were found inside a manhole, the image evoked by this week’s cover story Crusoeabout organized crime in Rio.

“My father made a mistake, but he is paying for his mistakes and in spades. He just wanted him to be able to serve a worthy sentence and leave with his head held high. That when your time comes, you can have your freedom! And may the state really let you come as is right. After all, everyone knows that you have already paid your penalty.”continues Oruam, entering into contradiction.

The police suspect that Marcinho VP changed the leadership of Comando Vermelho in Rio at the end of 2023, with an order given from inside the prison. His defense denies it. Oruam’s father will not be able to serve a dignified sentence as long as he continues to be identified as the head of one of the largest criminal factions in the country, and it cannot be said that he has already paid his sentence under these conditions.

The same goes for Marcola, Fernandinho Beira-Mar and Mano G, one of the leaders of Northern Family. If they can command from inside the prison, what would they do outside?

“The biggest dream”

It is in these details that Oruam’s gesture at Lollapalooza reveals itself as a naive manifesto, from someone who grew up in the middle of Rio’s underworld without knowing how life could be different. Marcinho VP’s son didn’t understand anything, and therefore his gesture is more eloquent and tragic than an open challenge to the Brazilian State would be.

There is no way out of where he was created. It is the same place — not exactly physical, but legal and moral — of state bankruptcy where the councilor was executed Marielle Francoand where the investigation into his death was hampered within the very institutions responsible for accounting to society, with the ironic collaboration of the family, the one most interested in solving the crime, blindfolded by political dispute.

Asea ​​my father and honor him”

“Don’t try to take away a person’s right to demand better conditions for their father, nor to want to see him free. I love you, dad. Our family’s biggest dream is to have you with us. We are excited for you to see the new future we are building and show that everyone deserves a second chance. Stop taking away my right as a son to love my father and honor him.”asks the rapper in the note, and there’s no problem with that.

But, in another post, in response to comments about his demonstration on Lolla, Oruam responded: “My mother always said that everything would be more difficult for me and I didn’t understand what she was saying. Today I understand”. If she had understood, he wouldn’t have used the opportunity to free himself, which music offers him, to lock himself behind bars with his father.

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