Rico Melquiades removes fat from his belly, injects it into his chest and the results of liposuction after 8 days are surprising. Photograph!


Rico Melquiades shocks with photo of liposuction results.

Photo: Reproduction, Instagram / Purepeople

Rico Melquiades He has already changed his appearance a few times. At the end of last year, the influencer had rhinoplasty, lifted his eyelids and eyebrows and changed his mouth all at once. More recently, the northeasterner underwent liposuction and the result after eight days surprised internet users.

The 30-year-old influencer removed the fat from his belly and injected it into his chest. On social media he also posted several photos taken after the procedure. In a recent interview with Record TV, Rico opened up about the attacks he suffers due to his appearance. “Nowadays, people are very cruel. They go to your wound, because they know where it hurts. That’s how they still act towards me today (…) I already make fun of myself to see if people forget to tell me call it ugly,” he said at the time.

See before and after Rico Melquiades’ liposuction

Rico resumes dating Matheus Freire

Recently, Rico Melquiades announced the end of his relationship with Matheus Freire. The ex-couple made a post on Instagram about the matter and Matheus shared a video to state that everything was ok between them.

“Just as many cycles begin and end in our lives, an important cycle in mine has come to an end: I’m no longer in a relationship,” Rico said on Stories. “I am grateful for every word of affection and comfort from each one”, wrote the former “Fazenda” before getting back together.

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