Marcelo Sangalo appears working on a jet: “he’s going to be successful”

Marcelo Sangalo appears working on a jet: “he’s going to be successful”
Marcelo Sangalo appears working on a jet: “he’s going to be successful”

The teenager Marcelo Sangaloson of Ivete Sangalo, appeared in a luxurious click! The boy is the artist’s firstborn and is 15 years old. He is the result of Veveta’s relationship with the nutritionist Daniel Cady. The romantic atmosphere between the couple began when they worked together. Today, the marriage has already yielded three beautiful fruits.

In addition to their eldest son, the couple has two little girls. The girls are twins, but they don’t tend to appear much on their dads’ social networks. Therefore, whenever they share moments together with their youngest, they both receive lots of praise. The little ones are called Marina and Helena and they are six years old.

Marcelo Sangalo He already shows signs that he shouldn’t step too far in his mother’s footsteps. From a very young age, when he was still a child, the little boy showed his artistic streak. He learned to play several musical instruments and his extensive list includes drums, bass, piano, percussion and guitar.

The Bahian even placed the heir in his own band. As a result, Marcelinho participates in most of his mother’s shows. Whether they are traveling around the country, or even outside of it. As happened when the Brazilian performed at a big party in one of the amusement parks in Orlando, in the United States.

On his own, the teenager has also been making his way in other musical styles. In particular, electronics. Recently, he appeared traveling on a jet and showed off one of the computers he uses to work producing music and beats in digitized formats. Accompanied by the device was a portable keyboard.

From the father’s DNA, Marcelo Sangalo inherited his love for sport. Just like the nutritionist, the boy loves surfing and fishing. Trips and outings that include fishing and sports at sea have become the main activities for father and son when they want to spend time together at Clube do Bolinha!

By posing on the beach and ready to catch a wave, Ivete and Daniel’s son won praise. “Marcelo looks like the protagonist of a series about surfing and beach life”, joked one internet user. Another compared: “What fun surfing on the beach. She’s beautiful just like you Veveta.” And yet another melted: “This boy is going to be successful.”

Marcelo Sangalo working during a private plane flight
Marcelo Sangalo working during a jet flight

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