Roberto Justus makes his youngest daughter’s dream come true in the USA: “fulfilled”

Roberto Justus makes his youngest daughter’s dream come true in the USA: “fulfilled”
Roberto Justus makes his youngest daughter’s dream come true in the USA: “fulfilled”

The entrepreneur Roberto Justus and his wife, influencer Ana Paula Siebert, made their three-year-old daughter Vicky’s dream come true. Roberto, Ana Paula and little Vicky traveled to Miami in the United States, where the businessman has a luxurious apartment.

And during their stay in Miami, they took a day to go to Orlando to one of the amusement parks. On site, Roberto Justus and Ana Paula Siebert made Vicky’s dream come true. She had a real princess day.

Inside the park, Vicky dressed as Princess Belle, wearing a beautiful yellow dress. She then went to a castle in the park where she did makeup, painted her nails and styled her hair. She also won a crown.

Vicky was then paraded around the park’s castle dressed as a princess. When showing the realization of her daughter’s dream, Ana Paula Siebert said: “Beautiful! Who can stand that accomplished princess look? What a joy”.

Internet users praised the daughter of Roberto Justus. “There is no Beauty more Beautiful than this! A princess!’, commented one internet user. And another user said: “What’s it like to leave Miami and spend a day being a princess and then go back to Miami? What a wonderful life.”

Ana Paula Siebert also talked about a little trouble she had when taking her daughter to the park. First, she quickly told him that she had lost her cell phone in the park. “Disappear! These images are from yesterday! I forgot my cell phone in the park before leaving! Hahah! Yes! I only got it a little while ago, so I’ll share everything with you and I’ll tell you the story later!”, she said.

Afterwards, Ana Paula explained what happened better: “I’m going to summarize the story of the cell phone! I left the park and in the car I realized that I didn’t have my cell phone, I looked for it and it had been left on the seven dwarfs roller coaster, I couldn’t go back because we had to take off back to Miami. In the morning the cleaning team found it and today I got it back! I sent for it!”

Roberto Justus' daughter won princess day in a park
Roberto Justus’ daughter as a princess in a park in the United States

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