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01/04/2024 18:09

Grazi Massafera reveals the transformation that motherhood has brought, describing herself as a lioness from the moment she held her daughter, Sofia. In an interview with Quem magazine, the actress shares the challenges and joys of being a mother, highlighting how peripheral vision is now always attentive to her daughter, even when busy with other tasks.

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She, who plays a mother in crisis in the film ‘A Happy Family’, also reflects on her own postpartum experience, recognizing the difficulty of reconciling all responsibilities and the importance of having a support network.

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The actress highlights the hormonal pressure she faced during the postpartum period, a period she considers challenging and full of intense changes. She emphasizes the importance of choosing conscious partners and having support from mature women who have already gone through motherhood.

Massafera also addresses the need for men to prepare themselves to deal with women’s hormonal fluctuations, highlighting the lack of understanding and sensitivity that is often found in these moments.

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