‘I’m famous in Brazil’


The actor Vincent MartellaGreg from the series Everybody hates Chris, is close — very close — to reaching 200,000 likes on a photo on Instagram. Why? He instigated Brazilian fans, perhaps the most enthusiastic about the series in the world.

Actor Vincent Martella, as Greg from the series Everybody Hates Chris, and in a recent photo published on Instagram

Photo: CBS Television/Disclosure; Reproduction/Instagram/@thevincentmartella / Estadão

In the image, he wears a simple shirt with an inscription in Portuguese. “I’m famous in Brazil.” It was enough for Brazilians to flood the post with comments, which at the time of publishing this text already exceed 33 thousand.

“In Brazil, nobody hates Greg,” commented a user identified as By Pamella. “Man, Brazil is so into you,” wrote Lucas Nunes, in reference to one of the character’s lines.

Another user, however, remembered the protagonist of the series, played by Tyler James Williams. “Congratulations for not being like your old work colleague. We have this way of joking, but with affection. But each one, thanks Chris and Greg”, said Reginaldo Silva lightly.

This is because Tyler was irritated in the past by fans from Brazil who made avalanches of comments in Portuguese on his Instagram, mentioning catchphrases and emblematic phrases from the program — to the absolute confusion of the actor, who didn’t understand what they were saying. In 2019, the wave even reached the girlfriend of Chris’s interpreter.

In the same year, however, he finally joined in the fun. after a fast food chain hired him for a commercial in Brazil.

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Vincent Martella has already interacted with the Brazilian public

This wasn’t the first time that Chris’s best friend’s interpreter went viral in Brazil. In 2022, a photo of him without a shirt caused a stir on the Brazilian internet and provoked a response from the actor: “Hi, Brazil, look how hot I am”, joked the artist in a tweet with the click.

Vincent Martella, Greg, from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, goes viral with photo and responds to Brazilians: ‘I’m hot’

Photo: @thevincentmartella/Instagram / Estadão

The article is in Portuguese

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