Accused of assault, find out who Leticia Birkheuer’s ex is

Accused of assault, find out who Leticia Birkheuer’s ex is
Accused of assault, find out who Leticia Birkheuer’s ex is

At 45 years old, Letícia Birkheuer used social media on Sunday, March 31, to denounce an attack by her ex-husband, Alexander Furmanovich39 years old.

The controversy took over social media with the model’s strong outburst. He and Letícia were married from 2011 to 2013 and have a son, John Guilherme12 years old.

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Alexandre is the heir of a jewelry designer and is a businessman, with a strong participation alongside Silvia Furmanovich, his mother and owner of the luxury brand that bears her name. Each piece can cost up to 60 thousand reais.

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According to Furmanovich, in a 2013 interview with Contigo, he revealed that the decision to end the marriage was made by him. According to him, the priority was always his son:

“I made this decision two weeks ago. It left me. The priority is for our son to be well.”

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He shows a luxurious life on his social networks: trips, dinners, paradisiacal landscapes and much more. At the time, Letícia told Caras that the separation caught her unprepared, even though she was going through a crisis with the jeweler:

“I was taken by surprise. My husband left home, but we were going through a crisis, yes. He was suffered. I didn’t want to leave the house, but I had to stay in one piece for myself and my son (2 years old at the time). Today, everything is fine. Everything comes together little by little. We have to be patient.”

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Smoke signals

Before the declaration of aggression on social media, Letícia told the column in 2021 Patricia Kogut that the distance caused Alexandre and João’s relationship to have complications, but the Covid-19 pandemic helped to improve:

“João has his father, but, because of the distance, he sees less, it can’t be every week. So, I take more responsibility for his things. As incredible as it may seem, during the pandemic this improved. As classes were being held online, he could spend a few days with his father without affecting school. It was great, because their coexistence intensified. In normal life, it’s not easy to be alone in Rio de Janeiro raising a child. It’s a school meeting, pediatrician… Now that everything is coming back, as I’m not working yet, I’m more available.”

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The complaint

She revealed that the attack happened during the marriage, but, after 10 years, in a restaurant and already separated. The humiliation reported by Letícia added to the fact that she felt insecure and resulted in a strong outburst:

“It’s true, yes, and I was, unfortunately, attacked in a restaurant, in a public place by my son’s father. It’s a very bad feeling, very sad that this happened. I’m here to talk to all the women who have been through this and are going through this, to say don’t be silent. Report it, seek help. (…) I feel insecure, vulnerable, my son’s father is a businessman in the jewelry sector, owner of a jewelry store, and he feels very powerful. But I can’t lower my head. All I can do is trust public authorities and fight for women to be respected simply because they are women.”

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