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Thais Fersoza returned to generate controversy with his stance in command of the BBB Chata program that he presents together with the comedian Ed Gama. The actress and presenter became the target of harsh criticism after interviewing the recently eliminated from the 24th season of Big Brother BrazilFernanda, this last Sunday (31).

On social media, internet users didn’t think twice about expressing their discontent with Fersoza’s stance, and pointed out unprofessionalism in the conduct of the presenter. “My God, this woman is one of the worst to ever be a presenter”wrote an indignant user of X, formerly Twitter.

In another comment, a netizen questioned whether Fersoza would be sick at heart, and appealed to the actress’s husband, the singer Michel Telo. “Is Thais Fersoza sick at heart? Antipathy, stupid phase, very rude, without humor, no desire to work at BBB and Globoplay, he doesn’t deserve to be there with Ed Gama. Get your wife out of there Michel Teló, she doesn’t even need it and it’s not working.”he wrote.

These were moments that no one will be able to do. Fernanda in flip-flops, barefoot, there was never a participant on BBB who left the house with flip-flops, looking like she was going to buy bread at the bakery on the corner, a real, genuine person, different from the presenter who fell in with a parachute”criticized another internet user, in a tone of comparison.

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