‘I started a process of detoxifying myself’

‘I started a process of detoxifying myself’
‘I started a process of detoxifying myself’

Founder of Afroreggae, José Junior, 55 years old, detailed how he started dating actress Erika Januza, 38. The two began a relationship in May last year, but met in 2019, at a test that the actress took for the series “Renegade Archangel”, of which Junior is the creator, and he became a great friend of the actress and even a love advisor, when she was dating Juan, 24, Carol Nakamura’s son.

“In 2019, she auditioned for ‘Renegade Archangel’ and became a great friend. Then the pandemic came, and we started talking a lot on the phone, she was worried about her career. She started to have a relationship with a good person. younger than her, she asked me what I thought. I was her friend, I had no intention with her, nor did she with me”, said José Junior in an interview with ‘Tá Benito Podcast”.

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Couple got engaged

“Then, she broke up, and we had a conversation, and she told me things that no woman had ever told me about myself. And that affected me, but we didn’t stay. After a while, I realized that I was in love for her, but I didn’t want to mix it up”, he added.

The producer reveals that he had to prepare to detox in order to have a relationship with the actress.

“A person in my position, there are a lot of women, contacts, I can’t mix things up. As I was. I started a process with myself of detoxifying myself, like, I found the woman of my life, and I have to prepare myself for that . As I was single, I had a lot of questions, I have to prepare myself: I will have to be faithful. Until May 13, 2023, we meet so she can show me the work at her house, and we stays. Erika was very afraid of people knowing that we were together, because we were recording. We haven’t been together for a year”, he detailed.

The two got engaged in September. “Erika has a very conservative side. She is very Catholic, when it comes to dating, I had to talk to her mother. She demanded that I talk to her mother. We get engaged on September 7th. She is the woman who I love it and hope to grow old with her”, said Junior.

2 of 2 Erika Januza and José Junior — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Erika Januza and José Junior — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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