Bi, actress from ‘Renascer’ makes unprecedented revelations about dating another woman


Samantha Jones can currently be seen like Zinha, from the soap opera Reto be born, in which he plays a character who experiences the process of discovering his own sexuality. In real life, the actress is openly bisexual, and is dating fellow actress Manu Morelli.

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In an interview with the newspaper Extra, the artist said that she had to start sessions therapy to overcome internal conflicts as a process of self-acceptance. “I’ve been in therapy for a few years, so some conflicts are resolved, others are not. Regarding my sexuality, everything is fine. I’m bissexual. Living in a small town made me afraid of not being accepted.”said the artist, who was raised in Senhor do Bonfim, in the backlands of Salvador.

The actress of Rebornin turn, highlighted the importance of the family support network. “My parents supported me, so it was easier to let go of my fears and go through it in a lighter way”declared Samantha Jones, who made unprecedented revelations about the current same-sex relationship.

“It’s a very pleasant relationship. It is very pleasant to have a person by my side who, in addition to being admired as an artist, inspires me for being who he is.“, the artist melted. Sincerely, Samantha does not rule out getting married and having children with her girlfriend: “I think it’s great to make the union official. I would like to call friends and make the connection symbolically. Having children is also something we want to happen, regardless of what form it takes.”said.

Samantha Jones and her girlfriend, Manu Morelli (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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