Michael Jackson autopsy reveals bizarre details about singer’s body

Michael Jackson was famous for his high-energy performances, contorting his body in never-before-seen motions and dancing for hours on end. But when he died in June 2009, the star’s body was shriveled, scarred and withered after years of surgery, drug abuse and an apparent battle with anorexia, reports the British tabloid Mirror in a report on Monday. ).

The star’s autopsy report made for harrowing reading, revealing that Jackson, aged 50, had nothing but partially dissolved pills in his stomach after reportedly surviving on just one small meal a day.


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Michael Jackson’s body was ravaged by prescription drug abuse and surgery (Image: AFP / Getty Images)

Her hips, thighs and shoulders were covered in puncture marks from what were believed to be painkiller injections. Jackson’s lips were tattooed in pink, while his eyebrows were black tattoos and the front of his hairline had also been oddly tattooed in black to blend in with his hairline.

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Meanwhile, the star’s knees and shins were mysteriously bruised and he had cuts on his back, suggesting a recent fall. His body was also spotted with areas of light and dark skin, confirming that he indeed suffered from vitiligo, the pigmentation disease.

But most disturbingly, her shoulder-length, wavy hair was a wig that had been glued onto her head. Jackson was completely bald and heavily scarred.

“He was skin and bones, his hair had fallen out and he ate nothing but pills when he died,” said a source close to the singer in an interview with also British The Sun. “Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he was in terminal decline a few years ago,” added the source.

Jackson is believed to have started wearing a wig after his hair caught fire while filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984, leaving him with second and third degree burns.

Michael Jackson suffered burns to his head while filming a Pepsi commercial (Photo: Mirror/Playback)

Filming at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium required him to dance down a short flight of stairs while fireworks exploded around him. But a technical glitch during the sixth take caused the pyrotechnics to explode too soon, causing sparks to ignite Jackson’s heavily gelled hair before it burst into flames.

The star ended up being carried off on a stretcher, with a burning bald patch above her left ear clearly visible.

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