check your position in the ANP ranking

check your position in the ANP ranking
check your position in the ANP ranking

The liter of gasoline registered a drop of 6.4% since the beginning of August. The average price was R$ 5.25, according to a survey by the National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). It is the lowest value recorded for fuel since February last year. Check out the ranking of the states with the cheapest liter.

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The reduction is certainly a reflection of the cut in the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), in addition to the drop in prices at refineries. Drivers in several states have already felt in their pockets the reductionwhich gave relief to Brazilians in times of inflation.

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In all of Brazil, the state with the cheapest liter is Amapá. At the stations surveyed by the ANP, the average liter found was R$ 4.84. The survey considered the prices charged by 29 gas stations.

The second place is being occupied by Sergipe, where the average liter is R$ 4.96. The third position in the list of the most liter cheap of gasoline in the country is with the state of Goiás. According to ANP data, the average is R$ 5.02. See below the values ​​currently found in the states:

  • Amapá: BRL 4.84;
  • Sergipe: R$ 4.96;
  • Goiás: R$ 5.02;
  • Federal District: R$ 5.03;
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: R$ 5.07;
  • Rio Grande do Sul: R$ 5.11;
  • São Paulo: BRL 5.13.

At the other end, the highest values ​​were recorded in:

  • Acre: R$ 5.78;
  • Roraima: BRL 5.71;
  • Amazon: BRL 5.54.

Based on the ANP survey, Brazilian drivers can to accompany the average price practiced in each state. In this way, it is easier to know if a certain station has practiced the average values ​​for the liter of the product or has the numbers higher than the others.

It is also worth noting that the research showed that the liter of ethanol is also cheaper throughout Brazil. The average price fell by 3.51%, so it is around R$3.84. Therefore, before refueling, the driver must also observe which fuel is the most advantageous for the moment.

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